Four Things to Look for When Buying Gold

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gold expert Scott Carter discusses finding the right company to purchase gold. It is recommended to work with a company that provides clear information on their selling prices and buy-back prices, and provides personal service from an experienced in-house staff.

    Scott Carter: Hi! I am Scott Carter with Goldline. Let me give you four things to look for when buying gold. Many investors and everyday Americans have discovered that a diverse portfolio that includes gold is a prudent choice, that's because gold has intrinsic value. It is considered by many to be a safe haven asset, providing a potential hedge against inflation and the falling dollar. Once you've made the important decision to diversify your portfolio with physical gold you'll need to decide which company to work with to acquire it. Here are some factors for you to consider.

    First, find the reputable company. Be sure you can rely upon the company you work with. When conducting your research asks the following questions, how long is the company been in business? How are they rated by consumer groups, like the Better Business Bureau? Get these answers, and make sure you're confident in that company before you purchase from them. And make sure that company you work with provides clear information when they are pricing and policies, including both their selling price and buyback price. It's important for you to consider the total roundtrip cost when evaluating products. They should have this information on their website and in their literature. Don't be shy, a good company should be more than willing to provide answers to any questions you have regarding these topics.

    Another factor to consider is broad point selection. There are many types of gold coins, you want to work with the company that not only offers a wide variety of products but also can assist you with clear information about each of them, and for some points consultation with a trained expert can be invaluable. Third, what are the delivery options? Will you acquire a physical gold? You can have it shipped directly to you or store it in an independent facility. Keep in mind that some states require delivery, a fact that a reputed old company should understand and explain to you. Decide how you want to keep your gold, and be sure your company of choice can accommodate. And finally, you'll want personalized service. Look for a company that offers personal representatives and in-house experts, you'll want them to answer questions you may have about acquiring coins for your portfolio or collection not just now but in the future as well. As you can see ensuring you acquire your gold from the right company is very important.

    Follow these considerations and join the many people who have chosen gold as an important part of a diversified portfolio.