Free Weight Exercise – Bicep Curls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified professional trainer Gene Sanders demonstrates bicep curls.

    Hello, my name is Gene Sanders, Im a professional certified trainer. Right now Im going to take you through a Arm Routine. The first exercise Im going to demonstrate for you are Bicep Curls. The biceps are the muscles in the front part of your arm, right along here. So, the first one were going to do is a Hammer Curl, where your thumbs are pointing straight ahead, and keep your elbows nice and tight. Bring your dumbbells up, squeeze your biceps, and then come right back down again. From the side, just like this, elbows are nice and tight, squeeze, come back down again. Do not throw your lower back into it. Try to stay upright, with good form, nice and slow, squeeze at the top. Do 12-15 repetitions.

    After you do the Hammer Curls, you can change your grip variation by twisting all the way up, and then untwisting back down. Do 12-15 repetitions like that. The harder one that really gets your forearms involved are the French curls, twist your arms so that your palms are facing back. Try to keep your elbows as snug as you can and curl straight up, just like this, from the side, 12-15 repetitions.