Free Weight Exercise – Dumbbell Pullover

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified professional trainer Gene Sanders demonstrates the dumbell pullover.

    Hello, my name is Gene Sanders, I am a professional certified trainer. Today I am going to take you through an upper back routine involving a dumbbell and a Swiss ball. This particular exercise is called a Dumbbell Pullover. Go ahead and lay down on the ball. Make sure your head and shoulders are resting on top. Keep your hips up, hold the dumbbell over your head and go ahead and slowly bring it down till you feel the stretch in your lats, which are your back muscles, on the side, on the arm, and then pull it back over the chest. Hips up, pull back, and then over the chest, just like that. Do 12-15 repetitions. Before starting the Lat-Pullover exercise, it is important to know the hand positioning that you want to have on the dumbbell. What I like to call it is I like to call it a dumbbell -- I am sorry, the diamond hand positioning, where you hold your hands in a diamond, and then place the dumbbell in between. So, take one hand here, place it, and then the diamond grip right around the head of the dumbbell.