Free Weight Exercise – Target Middle Shoulder

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified professional trainer Gene Sanders demonstrates an exercise that targets the middle shoulder.

    Hi, my name is Gene Sanders, Im a professional certified trainer. Im going to take you through another shoulder routine you can do at home. This one in particular is going to target the middle part of your shoulder, right over here, its called the Medial Deltoid. What youre going to be doing is Dumbbell Lateral Raises. Go ahead and get yourself a set of dumbbells that are typically lighter than what you would use in a Military Press, as I showed earlier, only because this is such a small muscle to hit. Take the dumbbells, keep your arm straight, sit upright on the ball, and elevate your arms to shoulder height. Pause, come right back down and repeat, 12-15 repetitions, just like that.