Free Weights – The Concentration Curl

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Michelle Beaumont demonstrates how to use free weights to do the concentration curl.

    Michelle Beaumont

    For more than fifteen years Michelle has been making her mark on the health, beauty and fitness industry. Michelle’s success has brought her recognition as a national level fitness authority. Her elite physique has earned her many top level standings in national beauty, figure and fitness competitions. Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation’s leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness and she specializes in helping large health clubs find and grow new revenue streams.

    Michelle Beaumont: I'm Michelle. I'm demonstrating a concentration curl with free weights. You need an inclined bench to perform this exercise. It's similar to a preacher curl, only it's with one arm. In order to develop strength you want to go with the heavier, the most important tip is to make sure you don't go too heavy that you lose your form. If you just want to tone and shape and do this for conditioning, go with lighter weight and higher repetitions. Place your arm flat down on the bench, make sure that the entire arm is flat from the shoulder down, you do want to come into the crevice of the shoulder, right against the top of the bench and you will just be bringing the weight up and down, loosen up your grip so it's not all into squeezing the weight, take it from the bicep. This is really going to help pop up that bicep muscle and breathe throughout the entire free weight exercise and that's it.