Free Weights – The Pump Curls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Michelle Beaumont demonstrates how to use free weights to do pump curls.

    Michelle Beaumont

    For more than fifteen years Michelle has been making her mark on the health, beauty and fitness industry. Michelle’s success has brought her recognition as a national level fitness authority. Her elite physique has earned her many top level standings in national beauty, figure and fitness competitions. Her innovative workout programs have been implemented into some of the nation’s leading health and fitness organizations. Her articles have been published by many leading industry magazines. She is an industry speaker on topics including weight management, wellness and group fitness and she specializes in helping large health clubs find and grow new revenue streams.

    Michelle Beaumont: I'm Michelle and I'm demonstrating a pump curl with free weights, but I'm going to do a version of it called 21s. You will be doing seven repetitions at a low point, at a higher point and with full range of motion untill you get to 21. It's good to do about two to three sets of these, in between each exercise. So, take a deep breathe, inhale and you want to maintain good form, so make sure you choose the weight where you can do that. You are going to start low, you are going to count seven, this is four, five, six and seven and then up higher shoulder distance, you want to go right into it no rest, three four, five, six, seven these are also pre-fatigue motions and then the real curl comes in at the end. We go full range of motion after you pre-fatigue and pumped out your curls with the free weights for seven, we have four more here, three, squeezing the bicep, two and one and that's it.