French Madeleines – Combining the Wet Ingredients

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Karen Stiegler demonstrates combining the wet ingredients for French Madeleines.

    Karen Stiegler: Hi! I am Karen Stiegler and today I am showing you how to make Traditional French Madelines. So now we are going to combine our wet ingredients. First of all we have our four eggs and you really don't want to break the egg on the edge of your bowl because this can push bits of egg shell back into your egg. So you can either break them on the counter or you can have a plate standing nearby and break them on the plate and then empty them into your bowl. And then, we are going to whisk these together, break the yolk, so whisk them together gently, and then we have our melted butter and honey. We melted it in a small pot on the stove and then we allowed it to cool because we don't want it to be too hot when we add it to this mixture. Okay. So we are going to gently pour this, whisking it. I will just scrape out any excess. Just make sure, that whisks nicely together. Okay. So there we have our wet ingredients and now we have our dry ingredients that we sifted the flour and we whisked it all together before. So now we are going to add our wet ingredients to our dry. And then we are going to go back and get our whisk again and whisk these together until we have a nice smooth texture. And then once you have it all whisked together, gently take whisk out and you want to scrape the sides of your bowl for a clean bowl because we are going to let this chill. So what we want to do now is cover it with plastic wrap, and then we are going to put this in the refrigerator to chill for about 10 to 15 minutes. You don't want to chill it too long because it will be too stiff. But on the other hand, you need it to stiffen up a little bit in order to put it in the mold. So that is how we combine the wet ingredients and next we are going to talk about preparing the oven and the molds.