French Manicure – File & Shape the Nails

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa, Lucy Yilmaz provides an overview of how to apply the French Manicure including how to remove the polish and file the nail.

    Lucy Yilmaz: Hi, I am Lucy Yilmaz, owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa in Reston, Virginia. Today we are going to show you how to apply the French Manicure. First I am going to start with the taking to removing the polish and filing the nail and then soaking off. Then first we are going to take the polish off with the polish remover. Now we are finished to taking the polish off. I am going to shape her nail according that what you would like it and usually we go with her nail growth. Clean up on the side very gently. Okay now we have finished filing her nail. We are going to push the cuticle back very gently, it will help me clean up their cuticle over her natural nail. Okay then now we are going to soak her hand and in two minutes and the Warm O lotion which just helps you to -- your nail won't get brittle and has the Vitamin E in it. it makes your nail stronger. So it's going to be two minutes for each hand. After when we soak her nail in two minutes, we are going to push the cuticle, clean up her cuticle and oil her nail again and then buff it very nicely. So it's gives out a little bit of shine to her natural nail.