French Manicure – Remove Cuticles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa, Lucy Yilmaz provides an overview of how to apply the French Manicure including how to remove the cuticle.

    Lucy Yilmaz: Hi, I am Lucy Yilmaz and I am the owner of the Nail Studio and Day Spa in Reston, Virginia. Now we are soaking her nail and then we are going to start pushing back the cuticle and removing the skin from -- her excess skin on her natural nail and then oil and then we are going to buff it and then I am going to tell you every each step when I am doing it. So you will know. We put it on the towel gently and remove the excess lotion out of her nail and I am pushing back to with the cuticle pusher and then clipping with the -- her excess skin from her natural nail. Then with starting in other hand, I am still using the cuticle pusher to push her cuticle back, cleanup underneath her natural nail. And also nip her to clip her excess skin from the her nail bed. If we need a little bit of lotion you can take it from her cup and put it back into her nail. When you are cutting the cuticle make sure you won't go too deep enough, so that you won't hurt the client's skin. Now we are finished with the cleaning her cuticle. Our next step is to oil -- put some oil in her skin, in her nail and on the cuticle area and this is an electric file to clean up her excess cuticle from there. It has a diamond beds on it. They have different kind of tips and you can put it on it and remove your calluses or extra skin on your nail and it's called electric file for the nails. Now I am going to gently massage for cuticle area and also clean up any excess skin there to give me a nice, clean, French -- this machine, we use it for any purposes in doing artificial nail. It has every little different tips on it. You can use it as a file, you can use it as cleaning up the cuticle, it is very soft and gentle as I can put it on my skin, it doesn't -- but you will have to use that at very low and so they won't -- you don't damage her natural nail and if you speed up a little or use the coarser tips on it, it will damage her natural nail. Now we are going to very gently buff her nail. The reason to buffing her nail, her nail has the oil on it, her natural nail. Before applying the polish on it and I want to make sure, she doesn't have an excess of her nail oil. So it will prevent lifting her nail polishes faster. So this way, her nail will polish last for a week. So I am gently cleaning out her oil and smoothing the edge which nail I filed it. So make sure I don't have any little nicks there -- this one was when she had little accident. Very gently you have to push the buffer in there and you cannot go too hard on it because you don't want take her natural nail layer from her nail. After when we finish with this and then I am going to send her to wash her hands really good so all the lotion and oil has been washed before we apply the polish on it. The next I am going to show you how to do hand massage.