French Twist Hairstyle – Creating the French Twist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ali Barrett, stylist from Beau Totale Salon and Spa, demonstrate how to create a french twist.

    Ali Barrett: Hi! I am Ali Barrett with Beau Totale Salon and Spa, also joined by Michelle. To achieve our Millennium French Twist we are going to start out with sectioning the hair, using our metal rat-tail comb whichever side you would like, whichever side you part on, sectioning in an A-line parting which is slightly centered, off-centered, keeping the hair nice and smooth. Using the dry aerosol hair spray, spraying in the direction that you are going to be brushing the hair, sprays down any flyaways, also using the dry aerosol hair spray versus the wet pump hair spray allows you to be able to move the hair without a stiff feeling.

    You will finish up with the wet spray and that will hold it. Using your natural bristle brush, smoothing down the hair towards the nape and if you would like to leave the bangs out, if you have a bang, section that out first. If you are going to be wearing it out, you can kind of smooth a little bit back and wear some of it out. I am going to incorporate it all in towards the French Twist. So keeping this smooth, once again, a aerosol hair spray will smooth down any flyaways it allow you to still mold the hair to where you want it to go. With one hand, palm the hair, the other with the brush smoothing it back in to your hand that you are holding the rest of the hair with. This will just kind of make it easier to smooth it down. Keep brushing, you can never brush it too much, that will just ensure that it is smooth with no lumps, no separation, spraying again, once again in the direction that you are brushing and keep brushing. Next, using your plastic rat-tail comb, you are going to place the tail of the comb on the left side of the ponytail or of your hand.

    Using this to twist the hair around a rat-tail comb, keeping the hair nice and smooth. This allows you to twist it around the comb. Using hairpins, place the hairpins in between the twist and the head, smoothing out any wrinkles or -- You want to be placing the hairpins horizontal to hide them in the twist. Tight enough to secure it in there, but you don't want them to show. Once you feel it is in there secure, you are going to take the rat-tail comb and lift it straight out of the twist. Continue pinning. After placing your Bobby pins in, in between and the twist, secure some through the top depending upon if you want the top of it curled, you can either flat iron it, make it a little funkier.

    Or if the hair is not long enough, you can simply twist it and tuck it in towards the twist for just a smoother, sleeker Millennium French Twist. I am going to pin it around using Bobby pins, not hairpins. Bobby pins lay a little smoother towards the head and it is a little bit more secure. I am just taking sections and twisting it around and filling in the spot of the top of the French twist. Once again, you want the Bobby pins in there tight enough that it is going to stay, but not so tight that you have a headache or it pulls on your hair. The final step in our Millennium French Twist, smoothing out any flyaways, I like to use a wet pump hair spray and if you just kind of spray it over and smooth with your finger and you have the little loose hairs and that completes our Millennium French Twist. I would like to thank you for joining us today and I hope this was helpful.

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