Fun Upside Down Fitness For Kids

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Trainer Margie Weiss shows parents some easy and fun exercises to keep kids fit.

    Margie Weiss: Everybody likes to be upside-down, especially kids, and if we can help them working out in something that they have fun with, they're not going to realize perhaps that they also are getting a good workout and they're getting fitter as they do it.

    Riah is going to put her hands on the floor and her head, so that her head and her hands make a triangle. I am going to put her hand under her shoulders so that there is not a lot of pressure on her neck. She is going to take one leg and lift it up. I'm going to just bring it to the top.

    Then she gets the idea, I slide my hands up to her legs so now I can put her body into a straight position, so she wants to keep her feet together. Once we get so that we're established here, we can start doing some activities upside down which will help to build her overall body strength.

    Notice I have my knee kind of in the middle of her back to help stabilize her. We're going to take the legs; I'm going to go out to the side. She can stop half-way, or if she's a little bit stronger she can tap to the floor and come back up. As she gets stronger, I'm going to bring my hands down closer to her hips, she has to do more of the work.

    So I'm going to put my hand again right at the waist, other hand on the thigh, so that she can gently drop her feet forwards and come right back up. As again she gets stronger, hands on the hips, make her do the work, all the way down and all the way up.

    In order to get the child down onto the ground safely, hand goes on the waist and then a bend on the thigh so you can slowly lower her down, and then she comes back up.

    Three different exercises, you can do the head-stand, the straddle and the pike. All which work the whole body, so the child has to work all her muscles in conjunction with the other.