Funeral Gravestone Technology

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Hill of discusses the benefits of gravestone technology. This cutting-edge technology brings “new life” to headstones and allows everyone to remember a life’s story with pictures, videos, and messages.

    Christopher Hill: Hi! I'm Christopher Hill founder of FuneralResources.

    com and this video is going to talk about new Gravestones technology and I got to tell you out of all the new technologies that are being introduced into the funeral industry this is by far the most compelling, amazing and revolutionizing from an industry standpoint and the reason why, is because if you look at what has traditionally been done in the Gravestones and Cemetery world. When someone passes, you go to a cemetery and what do you see a headstone, a gravesite and it has what, a name, a date and an epitaph. Can anybody connect with who they were, understand what they were all about, can children and great-grandchildren learn from that experience and family, no.

    Well now that's all changed and there is a new life to gravestones by this new technology, because it has what's called NFC enabled microchips and to simplify that what that is, is chip to chip technology. One chip meets another chip and it makes something happen. So you can take a cell phone walk up to a gravestone, a headstone, a gravesite, even an urn, touch your cell phone against this chip and up pops a video, a picture, six different icons with a thousand words of who this person was what they were all about.

    Now I have one from a year ago and I created it, because I want to leave who I was and I want to be able to say it, so people can use this as a preplanning element as I have. They can also go in after the fact and add who they were, add the special things about them, add the video in the ways that they want to be remembered.

    Now since this technology lasts up to 3000 years, you can bring your family to a gravesite and you can know who they were, you can see who they were, you can learn all about what they did in their history. Imagine the genealogical ties that will come out of this, imagine all the different values that something like this can bring. But what's the purpose of having a final resting place? To be able to connect with that person, remember that person and heal and share and just go and visit and enjoy your experience, because you can connect.

    A name and a date is nothing like what this technology does. It is going to revolutionize the industry and would probably be a standard part of every gravestone and the reality is the cost is less than 5% additional of your overall gravestone price, if you will do without it. So the cost is not even really a factor.

    So there is a lot of applications that this can be used for, but one thing that's really important to understand as well is, you don't even have to go to gravesite, you can type in a URL, a website address and you can see the same exact thing that you can see by touching this chip to chip technology and it is stored online forever.

    If the company you use goes out of business doesn't matter. So as long as the Internet exists your personal information exists. So it's thousands of years of generations of families knowing who you are, knowing who grandpa and grandma was. It is something that you seriously should look into and I think it'll be something that everybody is factoring into their funeral planning or cemetery or gravestone planning process.

    So this information on gravestone technology will help you understand how it works and if it's a good fit for you and your family and make a difficult situation a little bit easier.