Funeral Video Tributes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Hill of discusses the benefits of DVD video tributes. Most families add a fitting DVD Tribute to their memorial service and it serves as a powerful combination of personalized photos, funeral music, and video.

    Christopher P. Hill: Hi! I'm Chris Hill, founder of FuneralResources.

    com, and in this video we're going to talk about DVD video tributes, and I really think that out of all the new funeral technologies available today, this is the most commonly used, and this is the one that I think every family should seriously look into, because it has a very powerful impact, and it really memorializes and pays tribute to a loved one in a meaningful way.

    And the reason why is, there is probably nothing more powerful to evoke emotion healing and memories than when you combine photos and music and video, and that's exactly what this is, it's professionally choreographed video, where you can take a person's life story through a sequence of photos that you choose and you can have it from childhood to anything in it and you're going to pick the photos with the people they remember the most and shared the most with the experiences that kind of personify them and help you remember who they really were.

    And then you're going to choose the music that plays in the background, it's a professionally choreographed, so picture, a lovely song and the photos that make you remember this person and it's a way to heal, it's a way to remember, it's a way to share together and it's a family keepsake that you can have forever and ever.

    So this information about DVD video tributes will help you learn more about how they work. If they're good fit for you and your family and your loved ones, and help make a difficult situation a little bit easier.