Gas Leaf Blower – Backpack Advantages

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger talks about the advantages of a backpack leaf blower.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I'm Dan with Echo Incorporated. Talking with you today about how to select your gas leaf blower. Next we're going to talk about how to select your new gas backpack blower.

    Backpack blowers are available in many models. This model is a side hip-mount, or you can also buy them on a right tube-mount. Care maintenance of your backpack blower is very simple. You're wanting to make sure you have fresh fuel, 50 to 1 mix no older than 30 days. You want to have a clean air filter, free of any obstructions and your spark plug should be new, showing no signs of distress or coloring. Backpack blowers are generally more powerful, giving you more CFM in miles per hour than gas handheld blowers. Storage options for your gas backpack blower are very minimal. You can remove the tubes, storing this in a very small footprint in your garage.

    One of the advantages of a backpack blower are padded straps for comfort. Padded back rest which gives you very little fatigue on your body while using your backpack blower. One last feature you may look for in your gas backpack blower is an anti-vibration system that separates the engine from the harness. Taking out all that vibration from the engine. You can see in this model, the engine is separated from the harness by metal springs. This is what takes out all that vibration.

    So we've talked about some of the advantages of your backpack gas leaf blower. Next, let's talk about selecting the right size blower for the right application.