Gas Leaf Blower Maintenance & Storage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger talks about maintenance and storage for your gas leaf blower.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I am Dan with Echo Incorporated. We are here today to talk about using and maintaining your gas leaf blower. Now, let's talk about our maintenance that you need to take care of your gas leaf blower.

    So there is three major things that we need to look at. We need to look at fuel, we need to look at spark and we need to look at air.

    First thing with fuel. Fuel is only good for about 30 days. So an 89 octane fuel will only be 89 octane for 30 days. So you always want to use fresh fuel.

    Next thing is your air filter. You want to check your air filter before every use. Here is your air filter. You want to routinely maintain and check this before every use. This is a porous material designed to let air flow through. So it is going to collect dirt. So you never want to directly shoot air from an air compressor on your filter because it blow whole through it.

    Next thing you want to check is spark. You want to routinely check your spark plug, if it shows sign of distress or aging, you want to replace that. So this plug looks okay. It shows no sign of distress or oiling. So I am going to put this back in my machine. You want to make sure and consult your owner's manual when putting your plug back in, because you want to put it in at the right torque specifications.

    If you decide to buy these individual, that's okay. If you'd like to do routine maintenance, you can buy a kit that has the air filter, the spark plug and the fuel filter, all in one kit.

    So next we're going to talk about the long term storage of your Gas Leaf Blower.

    The first thing, we want to do is remove any fuel that's left in the gas tank, and it's okay to dump that fuel back in your gas can. Go ahead and put your fuel cap back on, start your machine and let it run until it dies. Now you are ready for long term storage of your gas engine blower. When it's time to get the blower out for next season there is a few things you want to check to make sure that your blower is in correcting operating procedures.

    First you want to go through your gas tank and make sure there is no splits or leaks that you notice. You want to look at your starter rope to make sure it's not frayed or broken.

    Next you want to check your switches. Make sure they operate smoothly back-and-forth.

    Finally, you want to take a look at the actual tubes and make sure that they are firmly connected and have a tight fit.

    So with those maintenance tips, you should get season out of season, out of your Gas Leaf Blower. So we want to thank you for taking your time with our how-to video with how to properly use and maintain your gas blower. So now it's your turn to get out and tackle your own jobs.