Gathering the Seven Symbols of Kwanzaa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nia Egwin of the United Black Community discusses how to celebrate Kwanzaa including the seven symbols of Kwanzaa.

    Nia Egwin: Jambo! I am Nia and we are showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa. In this segment, we will be discussing the seven symbols of Kwanzaa. The seven symbols of Kwanzaa are as follows:One, the Mkeka. The Mkeka is the straw mat. The straw mat represents our tradition. It's the foundation upon what every thing rests.

    The second symbol of Kwanzaa is the Kinara. The Kinara is the candle holder. The candle holder represents our roots or our African ancestors.

    The third symbol of Kwanzaa is the Mishumaa Saba. The Mishumaa Saba are the seven candles. Each candle represents a different principle in the Nguzo Saba.

    Our next symbol of Kwanzaa is the Kikombe cha Umoja. The Kikombe cha Umoja is the unity cup. The unity cup is used for pouring libation and for us to drink from as a unit in Umoja which is unity.

    The next symbol is the Mazao. The Mazao represents the crops or the fruits of our labor.

    The next symbol of Kwanzaa is the Muhindi or the Ears of Corn. Each ear of corn represents the children and the future that's attached to children.

    Our next symbol and last symbol is the Zawadi. The Zawadi are the gifts. There are two strongly suggested items, a book and an heritage symbol. These two items reinforce our commitment to education and the richness of our cultural heritage.

    The first symbol to assemble is the Mkeka, the straw mat. After the Mkeka, the Kinara, once the Kinara has been placed on top of the Mkeka, put that Mishumaa Saba into the Kinara. The Mishumaa Saba are the seven candles. Next, the Kikombe cha Umoja, the unity cup. Once the Kikombe cha Umoja is placed, place the Mazao, the crops or your fruit basket. After Mazao, the Muhindi, the corn that represents the children. Finally, the Zawadi should be placed on the Mkeka, the Zawadi are the gifts.

    Now to the next segment which is candle lighting; what order do we light the candle then.