Gathering Tools and Vegetables for a Special Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to gather tools and vegetables for a special pumpkin.

    I am Carrey Nalls and we are at Nalls Produce in Franconia, Virginia. Today we are talking a little bit about how to make a Jack-O'-Lantern. We ve talked to in the first one about how to make a traditional carved out pumpkin that you would light with a candle. Now we are going to show you something that s just a little bit different. We are in the farm market business, so we have had a lot of different fruits and vegetables available to us and over the years, different markets that I have visited, at this time of year they would have pumpkins that they had carved and decorate the back using different fruits and vegetables. So, I am going to try and see if I can do one like that today. Some of the vegetables that we ve got here that we are going to use for the eyes, we are going to use leeks for the eyeballs, butternut squash for the nose, eggplant for eye shadow I guess, limes for eyes, cornhusk for goatee, grapes for earrings. So, all that you can eat it all, except for the nails. Pumpkin I am going to work on is this particular one that I have picked out, because it s a little bit taller and it s heavy, so it will support the decorations that I have put on it. Now, that we have picked out the pumpkin we want to work on and we have got our tools, we have got our table, we have got our vegetables to decorate it with, now it s time to go to work and we are going to start by cleaning out the pumpkin.