General Weatherization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Kristin from Duck® brand provides various solutions and step-by-step instructions for weatherizing your windows, doors and other areas in your home.

    Christine: Hi! I'm Christine with Duck brand, and I am here to talk to you about weatherizing your home and saving energy and money.

    First I'll be showing you how to weatherize your doors. To do this we will be using heavy-duty weatherstrip seals and door bottoms. Then I will show you how to weatherize your windows using window kits and heavy-duty weatherstrip seals.

    Finally I'll show you some other ways to insulate your home including pipe insulation and sealing electrical outlets and switchplates using socket sealings. Weatherizing your home is an easy task that can be done with the following tools and materials.

    The following tools you'll be needing is a measuring tape, scissors, hair-dryer, and a full size screwdriver. The products that we will be using are window kits, heavy-duty weatherstrip seals, faucet covers, socket sealers and pipe covers. There is not so much to worry about when performing these projects, but just be careful when you are using the scissors to cut the window film and seals.

    Before we get started let me tell you a little bit about the Duck brands. The DIY product that Duck brand offers I will ask consumers and homeowners to officially perform household projects on their own. So let's get started weatherizing your home.