German Recipes – Wienerschnitzel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Raymond Steiger owner of Euro Bistro breaks down how to cook Wienerschnitzel.

    My name is Raymond Steiger and today we are going to cook Weiner Schnitzel and we can make it either along from pork cutlet or from veal cutlet. Each one is about two to three ounces of the cutlet, thinly sliced, a little bit pounded, to make it nice and tender. You are going to season it with a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper and we are going to bread it, and we are going to dip it in all-purpose flour and for each portion of the veal, probably youll need about maybe one egg which is beaten to make it nice and smooth. We use Japanese breadcrumbs, if you dont have Japanese bread then you can use regular breadcrumb at home, but I prefer to use the Japanese. It makes a little bit more crispy and it doesnt absorbs so much oil. Thats all what it takes to make the Weiner Schnitzel, either one from veal or pork, for you at home, what we serve in the restaurant.

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