Get Garden Ready For Spring

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticultural Specialist Mitch Baker demonstrates and reviews gardening techniques designed to help get the garden off to a good start and evaluate any over-wintering issues.

    Mitch Baker: When the weather warms everyone wants to be outdoors and in the garden. Time you spend in the garden now can have a positive impact for the rest of the season.

    Start by inspecting your trees and shrubs for winter damage and prune as necessarily. It's a good time to feed your shrubs, your trees and your perennials with a low fertility organic fertilizer. You can also cut back any woody perennials that you didn't get cut back in the fall and maybe plant some pansies or violas or other cool season annuals for that early color.

    Now it's the time to mix some compost or organic matter into your vegetable garden, but don't till or spade the soil if it's too wet. It can clump and compact and be hard to work all summer. It should crumble as you work with it.

    For the lawn, those cool season grasses, now is the time to cut it short, this one time and then wreck it hard to clean the soil surface, overseed with the recommended grass seed type and cover lightly with a thin layer of organic matter.

    So, if you follow these tips, you'll have your garden ready to go for the spring season.