Get Ready To Run

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor of Fitness Magazine, describes all the basic essentials you need for running. From the proper running shoes to comfortable clothes, make sure you’ve got what you need!

    Mary Anderson: Hi, I am Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor at Fitness Magazine. Now there are two essential things of a woman who runs. First you need a great pair of sneakers and a maximum support sports bra. Now before you head out for your usual loop, you want to make sure that your sneakers can pass the 3 to 500 mile test. That means if you run more miles then than that, it maybe time to get new treds. Now instead of going for the cutest pair that you see, what you really want is a sneaker that fits your foot-strike. Now if you have high arches, or a foot strike that you turn sort of to the outside when you strike, you might want to pair like this neutral cushioning pair from new balance and you can go with even a super light weight shoe, but the key for you is that you don't need all the bolsters and training wheels of people whose feet sort of turn in. If you are that sort of runner with a little mild pronation, meaning that your heal sort of turns in, you are going to want a little bit more stability in your shoe. These new balance for instance; you can see they have great Dual-density foam. That's going to give you a little extra support here, and if you severely over pronate, meaning you might have flat feet, you are going to want something that even has dual-density foam maybe back to the heal, that's maximum support to help you from over pronating. How do you tell what kind of foot-strike you have? Well, there is a simple kitchen test that you can do. Take out a paper towel, wet the bottom of your foot and step on to the towel. Now the foot print that you leave behind will give you a clue as to what your foot-strike is. If it leaves a C shape, it means you have neither high nor low arches and you can go from mild stability or maybe even neutral cushioning. If the shape is fully filled in, it means you might have flat feet, so go for the maximum motion control that you can get in the sneaker and if you've left two prints where the ball and the heel are with nothing in the center, that means you have high arches and should go for the neutral cushioning shoe. So now you have got your sneaks and the second part, you are going to need is a motion control sports bra. How do you choose? Turns out you can tell in the dressing room, how it's going to work for you. Three parts you want to test. First, check the straps, you want to give them a tug from top to bottom and make sure that the front strap doesn't have that much give. Now the back can feel little bit stretchy but you really want this part to be sort of solid, that's going to give you more support when you run. Also test the cups, give them a good stretch too. You want a little give, but not too much. The most sort of stable it is, the more it's going to hold you in. Finally, you put the bra on, make sure there is no spill over, if so you will need a bigger cup size. Last part is the band, now 70% of the support of the sports bra comes from the band, so it's really important to get your size. When you put on the sports bra, put it on the farthest hook and if you can slide a finger underneath it and pull it away from you more than one inch, your band is too big, you need to go down one size to get the support that you need. And finally when you are in that dressing room, give it the jog test, make sure that everything feels right before you head out on the streets. Then you know you are ready and those are just the two essentials you need to get in a great running workout.