Get The Blues In Clarksdale, MS

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    See why Clarksdale, Mississippi will give you the blues! Go inside the world’s largest blues museum in the world, The Delta Blues Museum and listen to live blues music at the Ground Zero Blues Club.

    Sally Ellis: I am in Clarksdale, Mississippi, birthplace of the Blues, where Latin has it just down the road Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil for his incredible talent. Well I am going to learn about the Blues in the place where it all began. I am going to check out some of these local group joints. Come on!

    I am here at the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi. It's located Downtown in her historic train depot and it was founded in 1979 and is the largest blues museum in the world. And let me tell you I am surrounded by cool, cool instruments, cool clothes, cool art, old photographs I am telling your priceless. Here it's just one of the off gimmick exhibits here at the Delta Blues Museum, this is the actual cabin where Muddy Waters lived when Alan Lomax first recorded. This place is fabulous and I am officially inspired, I am going to go get me some loud Blue.

    Now that we have explore the history of the Blues in Clarksdale, Mississippi we have come across straight to Ground Zero Blues Club; some of the best Blues music on the planet. In 2001, local businessman Bill Luckett and actor Morgan Freeman started this club and not only do they serve up some of the best soul food and the best Blues you can even rent an apartment above the club, but if you do you better be ready to boogie. When I rolled into Clarksdale, Mississippi I didn't have the Blue but I do now and that's all I could make. See you next time.