Get to Know Echosmith and Ingrid Michaelson

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    We caught up with newcomers on the music scene Echosmith and indie pop sensation Ingrid Michaelson at Live in the Vineyard. Get to know more about these artists, and let us know in the comments if you’ve listened to their music yet!

    Matthew Rodrigues: Echosmith is one of the biggest bands at the moment and it's a true family affair, with lead singer Sydney and her three brothers, Jamie, Noah, and Graham. So tell me, how did this all start, were you planning a band, or were you just in the living room one day because you are all siblings, were you in the living home at home with mom and dad playing some music and it just started to happen? Sydney Sierota: Well, it's funny because people do ask us the whole thing, like, oh, it's totally planned, right? And I mean it's funny because it wasn't, and for us we were naturally picking up instruments because we grew up in a very artsy house. Matthew Rodrigues: So tell me about 'Cool Kids', this breakout, like how has your life changed since this song has come out?

    Sydney Sierota: It started with just like one person in the crowd singing along to 'Cool Kids' and we are like, oh yeah, that's cool! Exactly! And then it started happening with five people and then all of a sudden it was the entire crowd. Matthew Rodrigues: We also had a chance to sit down with indie pop singer Ingrid Michaelson. Okay Ingrid, I have got to tell you that 'Girls Chase Boys' literally lights up my inside. Ingrid Michaelson: Thank you! Matthew Rodrigues: Like it really, really does. And tell me about that video? Ingrid Michaelson: That was my idea. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. So I knew you were playing the song; you were playing it under Robert Palmer's 'Simply Irresistible', right? Ingrid Michaelson: Yeah. I don't want to be too choreographed because I am not a dance, I don't know if you can tell. Matthew Rodrigues: I think you have got some moves.

    Ingrid Michaelson: It's not a dancer's body. But I really wanted to do something with movement, but simple movement and I thought, what's a really iconic video that has a really simple movement, and yeah, right? Matthew Rodrigues: Just that little swaying. Ingrid Michaelson: This thing, I was like I can do that. Matthew Rodrigues: And I have your song, 'Girls Chase Boys', can you chase me right now? Ingrid Michaelson: Go!