Get Your Beauty Sleep

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry with Prevention Magazine discusses the effects beauty sleep has on your health.

    Amy McGorry: Your complexion works hard to repair itself while you rest. So turnover increases at night which helps soften wrinkles, higher skin temperatures at night can help age fighting portions, seek deeper for better results and hormonal changes boost blood flow to your skin.

    Here's how to take advantage of this natural healing process. First, cleanse your skin every night. The most important time to wash your skin is before you hit the sack. Dirt bacteria and makeup left on overnight can irritate skin, clog pores and trigger breakouts.

    Anti-aging treatments can also penetrate deeper on a clean surface to keep pores tied and skin blemish free. Remove the top layer of the day's grime with a gentle face cleanser before bed. Second, rejuvenate with the retinoid. If you apply just one topical anti-ager, make it a retinoid. These vitamin A derivatives are key to youthful looking skin, but because the exposure to sunlight can deactivate their potency, it's best to apply them at night.

    Research shows that retinoid speed cell turn over in collagen growth to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and also fade brown spots. Start by using an over the counter retinol containing treatment every other night, until the skin becomes acclimated to side effects. Look for a formula containing both retinol and niacin which team up to help your skin look firmer and smoother.

    Finally apply a mega moisturizer. Ever feel as if you've aged overnight, the cause maybe dry skin which can make lines even more noticeable. Night time increases in temperature and water loss make extra hydration a must. Apply a body lotion that contains moisturizer as well as gentle exfoliating acids. The exfoliates remove dead skin cells so skin is more supple and they clear the way for moisturizers to penetrate better.

    Make these few simple tweaks to your night time routine to maximize your beauty sleep and wake up with beautiful skin.