Getting Into Winter Workout Mode

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his tips on staying in the workout groove during the winter season.

    John Basedow: Finding motivation to exercise can be hard, but sticking with your fitness plan in the winter will prevent those holiday pounds from sticking around.

    The best time for cardio exercise is in the morning because that's when blood sugar and insulin levels are low and stable which is the best time to maximize fat burning. Plus you can get it over with and be energized for the rest of the day.

    Another great tip is to try putting your workout clothes in the dryer at night and hitting the on button before you head out. The thought of slipping into toasty clothes will enhance your positive attitude and give you something to look forward to before your morning cardio.

    Another important way to start out your day, I would recommend a few minutes of energizing stretches after cardio. This gets our blood flowing, we get energized for the day, plus we set our mind to fitness mode which will help prevent giving into your cravings later in the day.

    By mixing up your standard routine, you will never fall into the same old exercise doldrums. Take advantage of the cold weather and add in some skiing or ice skating. Indoor activities like rock climbing and cardio classes can also spice up your regular routine.

    Remember, consistency is key to success. Successful people are that way because they continue when others stop. So don't quit. These simple tricks will keep you motivated even through the winter. Though it's cold outside, you will still be feeling the burn.