Getting Rid of Back Pain – Knee to Chest Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chiropractor Dr. Cameron Hatam discusses how to get rid of back pain with knee to chest exercises.

    Dr. E'rika Brock: Hi! I am Dr. E'rika Brock and today we'll be talking to you how to get rid of back pain. In this segment, we'll be speaking to you about the knee to chest exercise.

    Now you want to start in the same position that you were in when you did the partial sit-up in the last segment. Once again, a good and comfortable pillow is needed in order to keep your feet flat on the floor and knees bent.

    Now when doing this exercise, it's suggested to bring one knee to your chest using both hands to pull backwards and hold this position for 10 seconds and relax by bringing the knee back to the original position. Now bring the other knee to your chest the same way and hold this for 10 seconds and release.

    You want to alternate four times for each leg. Now another way of performing this exercise is to bring both knees to the chest and hold for approximately 10 seconds and release. You want to also do this four times as well.

    Dr. Cameron Hatam: Thank you for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed our video and we hope we have helped you alleviate your back pain. If your back pain is from a more serious source, we recommend you come in for a proper evaluation to any Chiropractic Physician. Thank you and have a great day.