Getting Rid of Back Pain – Posture and Bending

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chiropractor Dr. Cameron Hatam discusses posture and bending. It talks about the importance of bending with your knees rather than your waist and the importance of sitting and standing properly.

    Dr. E'rika Brock: Hello! I am Dr. E'rika Brock and today we will be talking to you about to how to get rid of back pain. In this section, well actually be talking to you about posture. Now sometimes back pain is related to poor posturing habit. It is important to retain a good posture at all times in order maintain the health of your spine and the muscles of your back.

    Many people have jobs that actually require a lots of sitting on a desk. That is tempting with those types of jobs to slouch, such as shown here. However, routinely slouching can cause long term back pain and possible future deformities. The correct way to sit in a chair is to sit with your back straight and with your feet next to each other. If you have a job that requires a lot of walking and standing, we suggest that you actually stand erect with your spine straight at all times. By doing these simple posture techniques, it can save you a lot pain and agony. Now some jobs however require bending and lifting certain weights. Others might do lots of lifting at home. It is tempting to bend at your waist, as shown here, to lift a load. However, this form of lifting causes a lot of strain on the low back and can make you more susceptible of possibly hurting you in a disk in your low back. The correct way of lifting any load and object from the floor is by doing, bending your knees as shown here. By bending your knees, you take a lot of strain off of your back and lesses the risk of injury in low back pain. In the next segment, we will actually be talking about neck pain.