Getting Started Choosing a Tuxedo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses how to get started choosing a tuxedo.

    Ted Poulus: I am Ted Poulus for Sarno & Son Tuxedo and today I am going to show you how to choose a tuxedo for your wedding. In this particular clip, we are going to go ahead and discuss the basics and commonly asked questions in choosing a tuxedo for your wedding.

    The first commonly asked question is when should I start shopping for my wedding tuxedo? Well, the answer is it's never too early. A good rule of thumb is when you've selected the date of your wedding and your fianc has already selected the color of the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses and knows the formality of the dresses, then that's the time to start looking for your tuxedos.

    Generally speaking tuxedos are reserved at least six months prior to your wedding date. This way your men can be fitted a little bit later, but you are guaranteeing the style that you picked out for the most important day of your life. So six months is a good rule of thumb and as we know when you are planning a wedding there is a lot to do in preparing for the right caterer and photographer and banquet hall, but when it comes to clothing the attire of the man is the focal point of your wedding and it's one of the most important decisions that needs to be made and you should make it early in the process of planning your wedding.

    The next most commonly asked question is how do I know how to find a right tuxedo company? Well, a good thing to do is to talk to your friends. A lot of your friends have already rented tuxedos for either weddings or different special occasions they may have. Ask them about their experiences with the different tuxedo companies they used. Ask them if the tuxedo that they rented was a crisp looking tuxedo, if it was frayed anyway, if it fit well, if it arrived on time. Ask them if they had last minute adjustments, if the tuxedo company was able to take care of the last minute adjustments.

    When you are looking for a tuxedo company, look for a company that's well established; a company that's been in the tuxedo business for minimum of 10-15 years. Look for a company that has a large inventory of tuxedos in stock. Generally, a company that carries a minimum of 40 or 50 different styles is the company you should look for. After all when you are planning a wedding and you are picking out the right tuxedo for your wedding, you want to pick out the right style and the right look and that fits your personality.

    If you are going to look for a company or go with the company that offers less of the selection you are not going to be able to do yourself justice and pick out the right look for yourself. Look for a company that's able to handle any last minute alterations, that has tailoring on the premise. So if an adjustment needs to be made at the last minute without a town guests or out of town ushers coming in for the rental, they are able to take care of it.

    Look for company also that replenishes their inventory on an annual basis. There is nothing like renting the tuxedo that looks like it's very tired and the shirt isn't white. So you want to find a company that is constantly replenishing their inventory. A company that buys a lot of designer tuxedos, so you can express your personality with the different looks and most importantly look for a company that is a member of a National Association of Tuxedo companies. The Savvi Formalwear Association is one of the largest associations of tuxedo companies in the United States.

    Members of Savvi Formalwear have to certify the fit of their tuxedo and that simply means when your men are fitted for their tuxedo they guarantee that the tuxedo is going to fit absolutely perfect and they do this by not only measuring you when you come in for your fitting but they also try every piece of the tuxedo on. They try the coat, the shirt, the vest, the shoes and the trouser at time of fitting.

    This way when you are picking up your tuxedo three, four, five months later, everything will fit absolutely perfect because when you were measured the Savvi Formalwear operator went ahead and took the time and tried every piece of the garment on. And now also, the next question is who and what should I bring with me when I am looking for my tuxedos for the wedding? Well I think the answer is obvious. You need to bring your fianc. After all, she has already taken the time and she has selected the formality and the color of the bridal gown and also all the bridesmaid dresses and their maid of honor dress and she knows exactly what color she is looking for, if she is looking to match the accessories with your tuxedo.

    Bring your fianc; she knows the look that she wants to see her future husband in. So when you are trying on the different tuxedos she can sit back and say this is exactly what I want my husband, my future husband to be and of course when you come into the tuxedo shop bring a swatch of material. The bridal shop will offer a color swatch of the dress that she has selected. So bring it into the tuxedo shop. This way the tuxedo company can go ahead through their hundreds of different color swatches match the accessory color of the vest and the tie if you so choose to the exact color of the dress. This way in your pictures everything will be color coordinated, absolutely perfect.

    The next question is what do I do if I groomsmen are scattered throughout the United States. Well, that's not a problem. When you are dealing with a company that is a member of a National Association like the Savvi Formalwear Association, they have distributors throughout the United States. Your groomsmen can stop in any tuxedo shop either nationally or internationally, even in Canada and be fitted at one of the certified Savvi operators. They will get a guaranteed fitting tuxedo and they will fit them for absolutely zero cost. The measurements will then be sent to the tuxedo shop that you reserve your tuxedos at and when your groomsmen arrive, everything will fit absolutely perfect for the wedding.

    Another commonly asked question is how soon can I pick up my tuxedos prior to the wedding? A good tuxedo company will have all the formal wear ready at least two days prior to your wedding date. This way again, when your attendants arrive in town they'll take a few minutes for a final fitting. They'll stop into the tuxedo shop, try everything on, make sure everything fits absolutely perfect. Any adjustments that need to be made will be taken care of at that time and this way, it's a good way to check all the accessories or accoutrements and make sure that everything is complete in the package. And next, we'll talk about how to fit the proper tuxedo.