Getting Started with Infant Massage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Massage expert Linda Storm provides tips on the basics of infant massages.

    Linda Storm: Hi, I am Linda Storm, Executive Director of Infant Message, USA. Today we're talking about infant message basics. Now, getting started with infant message. Sometimes when you think about infant message, parents start thinking as a day at the spa, where they're going to give their baby to someone to message. Absolutely not. Infant message is a wonderful time just to share with your baby and have that special connectedness. Your touch is so vital. Touch is the first feeling that comes on for your baby while while still in utero. It's how they feel love and it's as important as food and milk to their body. Without your loving touch they may feel deprived. So don't worry about holding and hugging you baby too much. That's what they really want and need. So how did the infant message come about? Well of Vimala McClure, who worked in an orphanage in India saw how a 12 year old little girl message their babies and how happy these children were. Even though they didn't have enough food. So, when she came back to the United States she started sharing this wonderful skill with other parents. Soon she wrote a book Infant Message a hand book for loving parents. It's a bestseller and one that we'll use all the time to refer to. So, how soon can you message your baby. Well one they have to born and unless you want to message your belly by your baby is still in utero that's fine. So once your baby is born just enjoy that time together. A perfect stage is at about 3 to 4 months when they are able to see you eyes and that wonderful distance. Enjoy just being quite admiring you. Does infant message stop? Absolutely not. We just adapt as your baby grows. We never outgrow that wonderful need for touch. So when your baby gets to toddle along or 3 or 5 years, old even at 14 year old, still needs your nurturing touch. So why we've started now as I new a born, will last a lifetime. So, when is a good time to message your baby? Well, it might in the morning, it might be in the evening, it may be both. Your baby will show you clues of when they are in what we call the quiet alert state and it's normally when your baby is just calm, looking at you, still and just happy and content. Many times parents think, this is the time that they can go. Take the dishes out of the dishwasher or fold some clothes. But actually this is baby's learning time. So don't miss out. Get some oil together, pull your baby into your lap and enjoy of wonderful baby message. Next to when to think about how do you ask or know if your baby would like to have a message. Well, we bring into this asking permission. Some parents think, how is my baby going to give a yes or a no, how can I tell? Well as you warm the oil in your hand and squish it, then show your baby you hands. Your baby will look at you, be happy and smiling if they would like to have message. If they don't want to have a message they may get a little frown or wiggle or they will pull in their shoulders or being in their arms and saying, "No, I'm not really wanting a message right now.

    " Even though you may think Oh!

    , This is a perfect time, I know your baby you he'll respect you and trust you. You are building a wonderful connection. They're learning appropriate touch and they can say yes and no to when they want to have message. It also gives them body ownership; that they have that permission that they can allow somebody to touch them or no, that person should not be here touching me. So he really goes into some of those preventative natures. So that's a little bit about getting started with infant message. Next how do you learn infant message.