Getting Your Cat Ready to Show

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Cook Henry of the Cat Fanciers’ Association shows us how to get your cat ready to show.

    Susan Cook Henry: Hi, I'm Susan Cook Henry. I represent The Cat Fanciers' Association. I'm teaching you how to show a cat? And now, we are going to talk about getting your cat ready to show. There are few basic things you are going to need; besides, the cat, Jolly is our model here. He is a cream Persian. The first thing you are going to need to have is a cat carrier. You are going to need to have a carrier that is preferably big enough to accommodate a litter box. As you can see, this carrier has plenty of room for not only the cat, but to other litter box as well. This is especially useful, if you are going on a longer trip. In the winter months it's very easy to either make yourself or purchase a cover that will cat cover the carrier and protect it from the elements. It's always a good idea to take your cat for rides in the car. The cat will get much more used to be in the car, obviously, the more experience it has in the car. And, by getting it used to go in a car and taking it in and out of commercial buildings, preferably a large pet store where pets are welcomed. This is good experience, gets the cat used to unfamiliar noises, unfamiliar aromas and other people as well. You are going to need to practice handling your cat the way a judge would. Different breeds have different ways that the judges handle the cats. The Persian being a very stocky cat is always handled and felt for leg boning, felt for head structure. You need to do the things that you see judges at cat shows you visited before due to the breed of cat that you are going to be exhibiting. The more practice your cat has, the more you're able to play with the cat, with the various toys that the judges use to attract its attention. Of course, the most important thing for preparing your cat to show is the daily grooming. Persians of course require a lot of grooming. They need to have their faces cleaned daily to remove any tearing it's happened. This is also something that if they are not used to it at the beginning, they will get more accustomed to it with daily grooming. Persian cats need a bath once a week at minimum, and certainly the day before the show. Their long coat requires a lot of combing, and by doing this on a daily basis, making sure that every inch of the cat's coat is covered, the cat will get more and more used to that experience. Again, concentrate on handling the cat, putting the cat into the carrier. Anything you can do to acclimate your cat to new and different sites and sounds. Up next, we'll take about entering your cat in a show.