Getting Your Graffiti Project Started

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Graffiti artist Stefan Hauswald demonstrates how to get a graffiti project started.

    Stefan Hauswald: Hi! I am Stefan, I am here at State of Confusion Skatepark and I am going to be giving you some tips on how to do Aerosol graffiti art. Now since I have shown you how to sketch your idea, now we are going to get started. The most important thing about getting started is selecting your paint and your colors. The color you just think about is your fill which is what you will be doing on the inside of your letter is the color. The outline color, which is the color you will outline your letters with and the background color. The background color and the fill color, it is usually good to make them complementary, that way the letters pop off the wall. Also you need to fit selected caps. So you can pick these up online, if you look up spray paint caps or you can get them at certain stores in cities, but they are pretty hard to come by. The caps control the line size and are important in outlining and filling. Now that you have selected your colors, it is time to get started. You want to set down your drop cloth to keep away over pray and keep your area clean, unless you are doing it in an outdoor area. Now we got the drop cloth down. Alright time to practice some lines. First what you might want to do is put on a glove to keep paint off your hand, you can just use a rubber glove. If I use anything other than a rubber glove I usually cut the finger tip off just so I have little bit more control over my cap and you always want to wear mask to protect yourself from the fumes,You want to make sure that you get a mask that protects you from vapor not just sawdust and dust. I am going to take this off my face for now, so you can hear me because I am just drawing a few lines and showing you few different caps. So you want to get spray paint started, you want to shake it good, then you just want to practice a few lines just a good thing to do. What I do is I try to hit the same line as many times as I can, so I can practice keeping on right on top of the line, so I can keep it really clean and try to keep the paint close to the wall and make fast strokes to keep straight lines. This is a skinny cap, this is what I will be using to outline. This is what you call pink dot, this sprays an extremely fat line and you can flare it or do fades, this is a more misty do flairs with and the way to make a flare is you can put your can face it down against the wall like this and you start spraying and you spray the can up. So you bring it almost at a 180 degree angle. So you just want to flick your wrist up. Now that I have shown you how to sketch up your idea and practice a few lines, let us get started on the main large graffiti sketch on the wall.