Ghost Hunting – Coldspots

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including what coldspots are.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson and today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video, we will be discussing what cold spots are and how do you find them. One of the most common type of phenomenons in hauntings are cold spots. These are places where it is colder than the rest of the area you are investigating. One of the theories involved with this is that the ghost has to draw energy from that area in order to manifest or do whatever a ghost thinks that it needs to do. In those cases the temperature would drop down, kind of like when you use an aerosol can, and as the aerosol product leaves the can, the can will become colder, that's the principle behind this theory.

    Now as you may have gathered already the majority of ghosting equipment we will use is actually weather instrumentation used by meteorologist. This is because we do not know yet what ghosts are, we have to look how they effect the environment around them. See there is one fundamental law of the universe that's unbreakable, no matter what you are, no matter how intangible you maybe, you cannot exist in an environment without changing it some way. When you enter your room, you change that rooms environmental conditions with the heat given out by your body. You change the air movements with your breath.

    So some of the instruments we use for detecting environmental changes are thermometers and hygrometers. We also we use barometric meters that detect the pressure inside the room. One such device that our team uses on a regular basis is the TIF industrys pyrometer here. Now this is generally used by the military and auto mechanics for the purpose of detecting temperatures in car engines, jet engines, that sort of thing. In this circle right here, there are two threads that are actually thinner than a human hair, they detect the temperature three times every second. This is very fast and very efficient and very accurate.

    However this device is also very expensive. Alternatively for the budget conscious paranormal investigator we always recommend a digital thermometer as opposed to the pyrometer. Now what's convenient about this is that it shows the outdoor and indoor temperature at this single LCD screen. These devices are commonly found at hardware stores, some drugstores may have them and therefore you will know what the temperature is outside, you will run this cord here outside your window, so you would know whether or not if you put a jacket or T-shirt on when you are outside. However we are going to use it for detecting cold spots.

    What we recommend is taking the cord which has the probe on it which actually detects the temperature and running it up the wooden stick, tie a electric tape at the end of the stick so the cord is attached to the very end of it and then walk around once again in a grid pattern through the environment you are investigating. Walk very slowly perhaps even a step at a time, take one step and take another step, then take another step, each time you stop take a look at the meter, record the reading, usually you will have a assistant with a pad and one of our information forms that you can download from the website and then write down every time the temperature changes, either goes up or down. Coming up next we will be talking about EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.