Ghost Hunting – Electronic Voice Phenomenon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including electronic voice phenomenon.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson and today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video, we will be discussing Electronic Voice Phenomenon or an EVP. The Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the practice of ghost hunters, of trying to actually record the voices of ghost and spirits. There are several different theories on how this is done, one theory is that they are able to manipulate the molecules in the air to create vibration that's recorded to the microphone. The other theory is that it's electromagnetic in nature. Somehow they are able to influence the magnetic filaments inside all modern microphones directly.

    One thing we do know is that it is a phenomena that happens at your microphone not at your recorder itself. And so we always encourage people to use whenever possible external microphones, especially when you are using a tape recorder. Now the stereo cassette recorder has gears and other devices inside of it, that could be heard directly on to the tape if you use the internal microphone. This is also something that happens with microcassette recorders. Now with a microcassette recorder you get the same level of audio, you don't think quality but at a smaller package, just make sure that you when you purchase one it has a microphone jack for your external microphone. Now lately most people have switched to using digital recorders for trying to record EVP. This digital recorder is very handy, it is very convenient as well. It plugs directly into a laptop or a desktop computer for the purpose of listening to your audio and analyze it further using software. It conveniently has built into it a USB port which allows you to plug it right into your desktop or laptop directly and on the fly without having to attach any keys. Now conducting an EVP session we use something called ASQ technique, which was developed by an organization a few years ago. ASQ stands for Alone Supervised and Question and Answers. In the first phase of it, we leave the recorder by itself, we will even the property sometimes and go get something to eat and come back and see if we have got anything on the tape or in digital format. During the second phase, the Stand nearby phase we will actually stand by, if it's a voice recorder we will see if the little red light blinks on it which means it indicates of course that a voice or sound is being recorded. During the session we also see if anything is happening in the room or the property we are investigating, while we are trying to record the EVP. The final session involves questions and answers, in which we will actually ask questions in the environment we are in near the recorder and see if we get responses from the ghost. The questions you tend to involve things not related to death by the way, some ghost investigators think that ghosts do not necessarily know that they are dead, they exist in a sort of limbo where they are not aware of the fact that they are deceased or moved on to a different form, so to speak. In these cases we try to ask questions that are pertaining to the ghost's death. Don't ask questions like how did you die? Did it hurt when you were stabbed in the back? They imply to death. So stick to questions like what year is it? What's the weather like? Are you married? How old are you? What is your favorite newspaper? If you think you might have been dealing with a more modern ghost you could ask questions like what's your favorite TV show? Or what is your favorite radio program? Make sure that you leave a decent enough gap between each question to allow for an answer to be recorded. Perhaps you can in your mind you count to 20, ask a question, what year is it? Wait 20 seconds yourself and then you can ask another question. If you have a group of individuals with you asking these questions, have them raise thier hand before you ask a question, so that they don't talk over each other at the same time. Well that's the basics of try to record Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Coming up next we will be talking about how to use a video for recording a haunting.