Ghost Hunting – Ghosts and EMF

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including the basics of ghosts and EMF.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson. Today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video, we will be discussing ghost and electromagnetic fields. So why do ghost hunters use electromagnetic field meters, EMF meters as it were? Is it because ghosts are made of electromagnetic fields? Well, not necessarily. No one knows what a ghost is, no one knows what causes a haunting or what a ghost is even made of. We can only hypothesize and use a scientific method as close to what it was intended for as possible.

    So we use equipment designed to detect environmental changes in the area that we are ghost hunting in. We don't use it to actually detect ghost directly, I know on TV you have seen people running around these EMF detectors, trying to detect those directly saying things like oh look there is a reading on my EMF detector, there must be a ghost, not necessarily.

    You have to be aware of other sources of electromagnetic fields before you start using this equipment into any environment you would been using it in. First of all you want to go around the room in a grid like pattern, looking for artificial and natural sources of electromagnetic fields, things like electric wall outlets, ceiling fans, stereo speakers, television sets, CRT monitors, computers and other sources. There are different types of electromagnetic fields as well as different types of electromagnetic field readers.

    There are AC and DC fields for example. In a common American household, you will be dealing with AC fields, that's the kind of current that goes through the electrical wiring inside the house. AC stands for Alternating Current. Now we are not saying that ghost use the Alternating Current in the house to empower themselves or what not, what we are saying is that in some situations, in many cases where people report a haunting, see these interference with the equipment and technology inside their house. They have their TV might get staticky, the ceiling fan might turn off by itself, the lights might turn on and off.

    In these cases, you will be looking interruptions in the day to day goings on inside of the house that runs on AC current. Alternatively there is DC or a Direct Current fields. In these cases, you will be using a natural EMF meter or a DC meter to try to detect natural DC fields. If anything that ghosts are some sort of electromagnetic resonance or affect natural electromagnetic fields, it would be with a DC meter that you will detect that or detect their presence and their indirect influence on existing electromagnetic fields.

    I have here a basic ghost meter, that is the digital model, they also come in analog models. The ghost meter detects electromagnetic fields by a measurement called ghost. You will be looking for extreme differences in the electromagnetic fields from one area to the next or electromagnetic fields that seem to be moving about in 3-Dimensional space. Another very popular and common type of electromagnetic field meter is the AC Cell Sensor. It is an analog meter that uses a needle, some have digital display, but it also detects electromagnetic fields by the measurement called gauss. A lot of ghost hunters like this because it has an audible cue that let's you know when it starts to detect electromagnetic fields.

    Finally we have the crme de la crme of all ghost hunting instrumentation, the DC electromagnetic field meter or the natural EMF Trifield meter. It has in it three plates that detect electromagnetic fields on an X, Y, Z axis that means that it detects the fields from every single direction possible. It has several different settings as well, a magnetic field setting, an electrical settings which detects, a lot of those detect electrical fields as well without the electromagnetic feature and a SUM setting which combines magnetic with electric to detect both fields at once. The Trifield meter regrettably is fairly pricey and generally out of the price range of the beginning ghost hunters.

    However after a few months of ghost hunting you may want to try to acquire one of these, perhaps your team can put in somebody toward purchasing one for the group. Coming up next we will be talking about how to use electromagnetic field meters.