Ghost Hunting – Initiating a Ghost Hunt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including initiating a ghost hunt.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson and today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video, we will be discussing how to initiate a ghost hunt. Now most people who are trying to get into the ghost hunting field will probably need a web site or at the very least a Myspace or Facebook page. This will allow people to get in contact with you in order to have you come and investigate their house. Alternatively to practice getting ready for your big introduction to the ghost hunting community, you can start investigating public areas known to be haunted, haunted bridges, or haunted taverns and restaurants or battle fields and forts and that sort of thing.

    Always get permission first and remember always bring somebody with you. Now once someone has contacted you to investigate their home, it's important to first do a interview with them over the phone. The interview should consist of as many questions as you can ask about learning who they are what they do and who all is involved in the haunting taking place in their house or property. Questions should involve things like their full names of course, their ages, what did they do for living and what they do day to day at their house or property.

    This will give you an idea of how legitimate their story really is and sometimes you will be dealing with fraud and occasionally crazy people for lack of a better term. There is a regret that we all have to go through but unfortunately it is a reality of the field. So the phone interview, now that you have the person on the phone and you have learned a bit about their lives and what they do around their home and what they do for a living, you can start asking about their hauntings. I find that it is best to repeat a few of those questions that way if they are not entirely honest with you, you can maybe weed it out by changing some of the questions, weave them differently, and ask them again later to see if their answers are concise.

    Questions should involve what sort of things are going on around the house? What do you think it is? Also ask questions like what movies do they watch? Do you like movies like Ghostbusters, The Sixth Sense? This way you hit in something that I like to call Paranormal Hypochondria. In the cases of paranormal hypochondria, these people have watched way too many ghost hunting shows on cable television. And they are so well aware of the things that ghost hunters do they think their house is haunted and they want you to come to their house.

    Look for things like -- I have already recorded some EVP or I have already taken some pictures of orbs. If they have done their own experimenting, you might want to ask them why do you need us? On the other hand for the most part, hopefully, you will be getting responses from people who actually do think their house is haunted. In those cases it is best to be polite, as pleasant as you can and consider it and try to be as friendly with them as possible. Remember they are in a situation where they maybe very scared, and stressed. So it is your job to alleviate their stress as much as possible. You have to make it clear to them that you are there to help. Finally when you are concluding your interview, ask them what they hope to get from this? What do they hope to accomplish by having you come to their home and do the investigation? I find it is best to have a list of alternative ways of getting rid of ghosts, if that is something they want. We offer a list that includes the local clergy, wiccans, if they feel like a better physical response is needed. However there is other choices for the more scientifically minded which includes our group such as changing the environmental conditions of their home. Try to make it uncomfortable for the energy that is present to manifest if you will. So that is a little bit about how to initiate a ghost hunt. Next we will be discussing ghost and electromagnetic fields.