Ghost Hunting – Recording Ghosts with Video

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including recording ghosts with video.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson and today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video, we will be discussing using video when ghost hunting. Now my personal preference is toward the tapeless format of video recording. Now as you know for many years, the only type of video camera you could get were ones that had tapes in them. Few years ago we switched to digital tapes which did have better quality. But nowadays they have cameras that have no tape whatsoever. There are several advantages of this format over the taped format.

    These advantages include the fact that you dont have to rewind and fast forward through the tape to look for anything that might be paranormal on your video. Also you can load the video directly up to a computer in most cases, they usually have a FireWire or USB cable that is included with the camera which allows you to upload your video directly to the computer and watch it on high definition videos in a monitor screen. Also alternatively you can plug it into a TV set and watch it directly that way as well. Several different formats exist. This right here is a Sony Hard Drive camera which has a built-in hard drive. As it was pointed out to me a couple years ago, always be mindful of jostling these around because a hard drive does have mechanical parts and so be very careful with that. On the other hand a company called Atech has developed these portable little pocket camera which also record high definition video, but they dont have as many features as one of these but they are just fine for ghost hunting, also they are much more affordable, generally under $200, many models under $100.

    This model right here $70. They also take pictures and record audio. If you get one of these with an external microphone jack, then you can conceivably use it for recording your EVP and your video. Now we are setting up your camera for a hunting, you would not waste too much time recording. Generally speaking, most of us usually will not have four or five cameras they can place around a house. In a forward scale investigations, we have security cameras that are tethered by cable to a central base. But leaving these camera on stand alone location is just fine as well.

    Let just put it into a room that is been known to have some activity, hit Record and then leave, come back later and check the video or meet somewhere with the group at a house or library and watch the video together. Many Sony models including this one come with night shot. Now I have become anti-night shot it appears a couple of years, now I will explain why. This camera does high definition video, so you can get really good quality image here.

    Now what happens when you switch it to the night shot, a beam of infrared light comes out of the front of the camera which is projected into the environment. Why not use another light source instead with your full color camera instead switching it to night shot. Not only do you get a lower frame rate, you get lesser quality video and forget about 16 million colors, I hope you like green.

    So why sacrifice higher video quality for night vision and exactly what is the theory behind the night vision anyway? In my opinion people get more false positives or fake ghosts than they do real ghosts by using night vision and I think that's I hate to say it that's what the actual draw is. Well thank you for joining us today, it was a pleasure being here for you and teaching you the basics of ghost hunting. There is much more to learn however.

    I encourage you to go out there to your local library or bookstore or even online and purchase some books on ghost hunting. There are also many sources available online, or what you can do is Google ghost hunter and hundreds of web sites will come up. Well thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed ghost hunting.