Ghost Hunting – Understanding Ghosts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including understanding ghosts.

    Vincent Wilson: Hi! I am Vince Wilson and today we will be learning about how to ghost hunt. In this video we will be discussing, are ghosts real and what are they. There are many theories about exactly what ghosts are. Outside of, of course, what the skeptics might say that they are not real at all and they are figments of our imagination. For thousand of years now, going back as early as ancient Babylonia, upwards of 5,000 years actually. People have talked about ghosts, people have thought they have seen ghosts; they have been scared by them and fascinated by them as well. There are different classifications of ghosts and hauntings. The most popular type of haunting what most people associate with ghosts and hauntings is the Intelligent or Classic Haunting. Although very rare, the intelligent haunting deals with ghosts that seem to be able to communicate with the people involved with the haunted property. The ghost will actually be able to respond to input from the owners or witnesses and also try to, in some rare cases, communicate with the people involved in the haunting. The second most common type of haunting, less well-known but more common around the world and the United States in particular, is the Residual Haunting. The Residual Haunting, it can be best described as a film loop, in these cases the ghosts seem to play back the same thing as he did when they were alive, over and over again. It has just given way to the common stereotype of the ghost that walks through walls, it is believed that by many paranormal investigators, that ghosts aren't aware of the fact that they are ghosts, they dont walk through walls because they think they can walk through the walls. It's that during the history of the building they are haunting, someone had constructed a wall that wasn't there when the ghosts were alive. So the ghosts doing their same daily routines over and over again give the appearance of walking through walls due to this. The third most common type of haunting and perhaps the rarest of them all is the Poltergeist Haunting. Now contrary to popular belief, poltergeists do not always involve ghosts, in fact, rarely do. Although the word which is derived from the German noisy ghost, poltergeists, tends to hint towards the ghosts, most parapsychologists and ghost researchers today believe that there are actually, what we call, poltergeist agents, an individual that is able to some way or another, create the energy that is associated with poltergeist activity. They are able to subconsciously manifest the energy that gives the appearance of a haunting. Usually in the form of kinetic activity like objects being thrown around, keys and other objects disappearing and reappearing later. In fact, in some rare cases, individuals have been able to manifest entire apparitions.

    Now for years, skeptics would say that ghosts aren't real and this is why, but through the ghost hunter its their responsibility to say that ghosts are real. It is just how they can't be real. After all what is history but reports from people from the past. Yes, we have evidence like artifacts leftover from centuries gone by. But how do we know, what details are involved and ancient wars and things that have happened in the past. We know from the writings of individuals who have lived during those times and what is after all a report of a haunting. Is there a haunting, the report, that someone had written down, someone had detailed into writing that we are able to look at today or perhaps detailed it in piece of artwork. What is the difference between a ghost story that some one claims as real, in history where someone else claimed as real. Are they more or less the same thing? So if the next time a skeptic tells you, there are no such things as ghosts. Tell him that -- you tell him what is a ghost story after all? Isnt it the same as history? Coming up next we will be talking about initiating a ghost hunt.