Ghost Hunting – Using EMF Meters

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt including how to use EMF meters.

    Vince Wilson: Hi, I am Vince Wilson and today we will be talking about how to ghost hunt. In this video we will be discussing how to use electromagnetic field meter. When using electromagnetic field meters we use a principle that was developed by archaeologists and the anthropologists when going over archaeological site. This means we actually have the investigators walk back and forth over the area in a grid formation, a grid pattern if you will. They would start at one corner of the area that we are investigating and then cover every single square inch of that area with the equipment they are using. These goes for all equipment but today we will be focusing on electromagnetic field meters.

    Now in the case of the Guass meter or the AC EMF meter, it is not really necessary to start at a particular location. As always you go to a straight line while someone nearby takes notes. What you will do is as the meter registers different numbers it goes up or down, you will try to compare that against a base reading, the basic standard field for that room, sometimes it will be zero, sometimes it will be one or two, depending on how much electromagnetic radiation there is in that area. And then you will go around that room and look for variations or elaborations on that base reading. When you will see something that causes the meter to spike up or in cases when the meter does spike up, you will call out to your assistant who will have a notepad nearby with one of our forms.

    These ghost hunting forms are available on our web site at www.


    net for free. They will help you catalog different situations like taking readings for electromagnetic fields. When you have finished using your AC Field meter, you may want to go on to a DC Field meter. Now this is where it becomes a little bit more complicated. To use the natural EMF Trifield meter, you will need to be aware of where north and south is. You see the Trifield meter was originally designed for weather as weather instrumentation.

    It can detect a lightening bolt from several miles away, so if you are having a thunderstorm that day, it's best not to use this particular device, save it for another time. On the other hand if it is a clear sunny day or at the very least there is no thunderstorms nearby, you can use the EMF meter but you must also be aware of its position regards to north and south. You see the Trifield meter can also detect the geomagnetic field of the earth. If you can pinpoint exactly what direction north is and you walk parallel along that line, for example in some cases we will put a masking tape on the floor to mark where north and south is.

    In other cases we will just have some stand where north is and that person will walk back and forth along that area in regards to north, that way the Trifield meter will not detect any anomalous readings or a false positives as we call it. Coming up next we will be talking about cold spots what they are and how do you find them.