Ghost Hunting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator discusses how to ghost hunt.

    Vincent Wilson: Hi! My name is Vince Wilson, Author and Paranormal Investigator and today we are going to learn how to ghost hunt. Now for years, skeptics would say that ghosts aren't real and this is why. But for the ghost hunter its their responsibility to say that ghosts are real. It is just how that it can't be real. Today we will be going over some of the basics of ghost hunting, from EMF detectors to weather instrumentation, anything that detect the environmental changes that maybe caused by ghosts. Also we will be going over some of the techniques that the modern ghost hunter uses in order to try to detect the presence of ghosts and hauntings. And we will be going over what types of ghosts and hauntings there are. The equipment we will be using today is Electromagnetic field detectors, Thermometers, barometers, audio and video equipment, voice recording devices and some less well-known equipment. Places where you can get some of this equipment, that include LessEMF.

    com, of course, amazon.

    com as well as eBay. One of the things I am going to put a lot of emphasis on is never go in anywhere by yourself. Whether you are on investigation or whether it's in private residence or a public piece of property, always be accompanied by at least three or four other investigators. I have been ghost hunting for about 11 years now, I have written four books on ghosts and hauntings and I am the author of the web site Ghost Science and President of the Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research. So now let's get started with learning how to ghost hunt.