Ghostbusters Game – Basic Controls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert, explains the basic controls used for playing “Ghostbusters” the video game.

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert. Today, I am talking to you about 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game'. And right now, I am going to be going over the basics of game play.

    Now there is not a tremendously steep learning curve to the games mechanics. But you will encounter small spikes and difficulty. So by spending just a little bit of time, familiarizing yourselves with the basic controls, it will improve your overall enjoyment of the game.

    Now, let's get tuned. But before I show you what my hands are doing, let's first talk about our HUD or Heads-Up Display. You'll notice that there -- well, there really isn't one. The Heads-Up display is going to be the horizontal green health bar located actually on your proton pack. It displays your current amount of health. As your health is reduced your health bar drains and begin to become reddish in color.

    When it's completely empty, the screen is going to have a reddish halo around either side of it and you'll actually fall backwards and your proton pack is going to start sparking. You're going to stay there until you teammate revives you, or no teammate revive you then this mission failed and then you guys start all over again.

    So let's get into some basic game play controls and with the left analog stick here, you are going to be able to move forward, backwards, left and right and everything in between, and utilizing both of them, you can move very fluidly.

    Now, let's talk about running. Running is done with the B button. You hold forward and hold the B button, it going to commands him to run, which is very helpful when running away from some scary enemies. Also, if we hold the direction that we would like to travel, we can also press the B button once, by depressing it once, we do a dodge. We can dodge in any direction which helps for fast moving projectiles, when you just need to get out of the way. Alright.

    So next step we want to fire a proton stream. We'll do this by depressing the R trigger, simple and easy, alright. And as you'll see on this side of the proton pack, as we fire, it starts to build up, that little meter is going to get hotter and hotter and hotter, until we have to vent it. To vent it, you're going to press the R bumper and we are back to a good spot.

    Next, let's talk about throwing out a trap. To throw a trap you simply press the X button and that's going to allow you to wrangle up your ghost and put him right down in the trap. Now, you always want to remember to pick your traps after you are done, by walking over to it and pressing the Action button or A, you're going to pick up your trap and pick up your ghost and you can hold as many ghosts in there as you like to.

    Now let's talk about our capture stream. You're going to find this very helpful for solving puzzles and moving our objects when needed. So again, we press the R trigger here to launch our proton stream. We are going to press our left bumper here as we do that, to sort of get our capture beam going. So let's do that.

    So we're going to do this. We can immediately hold it, we can move objects anywhere we want to, very similar to the slam function, and we will go over how that works a little bit later and let go the proton stream and it's just as easy as that.

    So it's good for aiding in solving puzzles as well as ripping the heads off of your enemy ghosts. Now you can see, our proton packs a little bit powered up, a little bit later into the game here, but let me show you a little bit more about what to expect later on.

    As you can see with the directional pad here, you can press the direction that corresponds with the weapon that you would like to use. You've the Stasis Stream here, which is sort of freezes enemies, this is a shock blast actually. It does a lot of big damage quickly and this stream here by pressing the left trigger will sort of freeze your enemies in place, feel-free to blast them more, scare them more, whatever you like.

    Another thing I want to talk about with your weapons are, by pressing the L trigger. L trigger is going to made sort of a special variation of the weapon. So we have our standard Proton Stream and by pressing L trigger, we're going to shoot our concentrated Boson Dart, and it works in conjunction with the weapon. So by holding the right trigger and pressing the L trigger throughout you can shoot Boson Darts, that are enemies.

    Now we'll switch to the Meson Collider over here to the right. And if we press the right trigger, it's going to shoot the Meson Collider. What that does is when it hits an enemy, it locks them on for their overload pulse. So now that we are locked on, we can press the L trigger, all of these bullets are just going to follow them, right around until they are completely exhausted. And we can go ahead and capture them more, maybe we can defeat them. We also have here our Slime button here, we can slime evil black slime.

    We can also tether objects to help us defeat puzzles and trap ghosts through them. So here we have Slimer here, basic ghostly entity. So what we are going to do is walk you through how to capture ghost, pretty simple one, but the basics applied to even the more difficult spots in the game.

    Walk on with your proton pack, bent with the R bumper when you'll need to, okay? So just keep draining his life. You're going to notice that there is a circular set of green little bars there. When those all drain out that means he is a pretty well going there.

    It's pretty tired and so at this point, you see, we can have the slam meter build up there. What you want to do is press the L trigger and the slam against the roof and the floor, and this really tires him out. You're going to want to do this with later ghosts as well.

    Now when you want to catch him, so by pressing the X button it will throw out your capture trap and you're just going to drag him, right down in there and you won't go against the direction that he is going. Put him right in the trap and don't forget to pick it up after you are done.

    So now that you are familiar with the game controls, next, I am going to talk to you about some tips and tricks that may help you along the way.