Ghostbusters Game – Challenging Areas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert, shares solutions to overcoming difficult challenges within the game “Ghostbusters.”

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert, and today, I am talking about 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game'. And right now, I am going to talk about how to get through those challenging areas. Okay, now there is no need to get frustrated at your game or your teammates, that constantly need to be revived.

    You're playing this game to have fun, remember, in areas like this kitchen, you'll note that ghost just keep coming. What you have to do first, is concentrate on taking out those pesky little portals with your Slime Cannon. After that, it's busting ghost as usual.

    Next step, the library. Let's tackle that every troublesome inter-dimensional staircase. This Killer Books flying everywhere and no one is having a good time. Instead of attempting to time those books and sprinting it between the areas, just blast them. It takes a little bit of extra time, but I assure you, you'll get it right the first time around. From there, use your Slime Tether to pull walking surfaces towards you. When you look at it from way up here, it's kind of beautiful.

    Now the collector can be a pain as well, but let's just take a deep breath and let's get through it. First off, use your Dodge function, when it spikes the floor, press the B button to evade them.

    Next, use the portals around the perimeter of the room. When you run through a portal, it will tell to port it to a safer area where the collector isn't. From there, expose his head and blast him, okay. So the stone-cupids aren't as cute as they seem. This part can be a little bit challenging but with the proper game plan, I am sure you'll be able to knock it out the first time around. Keep your eyes on the sky and use your slime tether to slam them into the gate. That's blocking the way from the ghostbusters mobile.

    Multitasking is the key. After you slam a cupid, look towards the ground for those angry little lanterns and slam them. It's also going to be important that you keep reviving your teammates. They do fall frequently, but you are going to need them to get those cupids, after they get the better view. Because remember, if everyone goes down, it's mission failed and you need to do it all over again.

    And finally, let's talk about the last boss. Although, the destroyer maybe big and predictable, he is also very powerful. Don't let him intimidate you, be consistent and repetitive. I recommend to use the Meson Collider to do the bulk of the damage. Get him once with that and then go rapid fire with the overload pulse. Then once he shows himself on the center ring, be sure to destroy those energy regenrators, before he can gain back his life. Again, use the overload pulse, a couple of shots from that and then they crumble right to the ground.

    The last piece of advice I have for you is to destroy his projectiles. Destroy those blowers that he chucks at you. So that's basically it. I hope this removes a little bit of the stress from game play.

    Next, I am going to talk to you about the online multi-player mode.