Ghostbusters Game – Tips and Tricks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert, offers some tips and tricks that may help you when playing “Ghostbusters.”

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert. And today, I am talking about 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game'. And right now, I am going to be talking about some tips and tricks that may help you along the way. So let's get to it.

    First off, I highly recommend using your PKE meter. It's your primary resource for finding items, researching adversaries and locating dangerous slime.

    So let's talk about first finding items. When prompt it to use your PKE meter, go ahead and do it. Typically, that means, that there is either a Cursed artifact or a hostile entity nearby. Locating these objects for unlock trophies and achievements, scanning ghosts, ghouls and other paranormal substances, will provide you with some interesting reading material.

    Moreover than that, it gives you details regarding the weaknesses. All of this information is listed in the Tobin's Spirit Guide after a successful scan. It becomes necessary as the game progresses to improve the Rookie status as a certified ghostbuster by pursuing improvements to your proton pack.

    Basically, you earn money for doing your job and then can unlock achievements using this menu. These upgrades make you more powerful as a ghostbuster, and the game becomes considerably more fun.

    Next up, use all of your weapons. It seems that once you have a fully powered up Proton Stream, there is no use for using the other weapons. But, there is really not the case. The Stasis Stream allows you to freeze your enemies in place, allowing time for a good scan or a setup for an even more powerful shot-blast.

    The shot-blast is a great way to shot-gun your ghouls right back to their own dimension. It fires relatively quickly and does a massive amount of damage. Speaking of fire in quickly, the Meson Collider is a king of rapid fire. Fire one Meson Collider round into a ghost and the remaining shots from the overload pulse will follow.

    This does a ton of damage very quickly, and it's also pretty nice to look at. And lastly, the Slime Blower. I recommend using the Slime Blower very frequently. Check out your Tobin's Spirit Guide, you'll find there are a lot of enemies are highly susceptible to it. And not to mention, it's just playing fun, sliming your teammates.

    Use the Slime Tether to aid in solving puzzles, helping you get out of jams and even trapping enemies by attaching one end of the tether to your opponent and one end of the containment unit, you can slam-dunk your ghost with less of an effort than with the standard proton stream.

    The last tip I have is just to destroy stuff. You'll be very impressed with the amount of interactivity, you have with your surroundings. There are no penalties for the amount of destruction caused and you would almost seem that disservice to the developers not to blow stuff up, so go nuts.

    So those are few tips and tricks to bring to your next ghostbusting experience. And next, I'll talk about how to get through those challenging areas without getting frustrated.