Gift Wrap CDs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wrapping expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to create an easy wrap for a CD gift.

    Christina Crawford

    With over 12 years of stamping and craft experience, I've learned that one thing is for certain...there is always something new to create and share. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I've been recognized as one of the top demonstrators of the year each of my 11 years with the company. This is attributed to my wonderful customers and exciting and talented stamping team. I also give thanks to the stamping industry's fresh art designs and products. Stamping is great for those with little time (you can create something beautiful in minutes!), for those with tight budgets (making cards saves money over buying cards), and for those of all ages. I've enjoyed demonstrating many stamping techniques to thousands of people in workshops, stamp camps, and at several conventions. It is always my desire to show something fun and new. I love to tell new stampers that I am a former tax accountant. Everyone has a level of creativity, some more than others. With stamps, anyone can create gorgeous and simple projects! I am a great model of "if I can do this, so can you." Enjoy and Have Fun!

    Christina Crawford: I am Christina Crawford, I am Stampin Up! Demonstrator, I love stamping, I love especially wrapping gifts and gifts to gift friends and so I am here to show you some gift ideas and some wrapping ideas.

    In this video I will show you a real quick and fun way on how you can present a music CD or even if a CD with pictures and give that to a friend of yours, you can really easily wrap. It takes two seconds, well may be more than two seconds, but let me show you because it s pretty fast.

    What you are going to do is, pick your CD of choice that you are going to give to your friend and you want to take the wrapping off and open that up and usually comes with a lyrics book or a little book in the front and you going to be measure that and here I have my cutter and there is a ruler on its and I am going to just measure that and it looks like, its about five inches and turning it on the other side. Five may be four and three quarters, just want to be perfect so it is, its four and three quarter, so almost a perfect square. Next you are going to take whatever wrapping paper you want to, this looks like wrapping paper, its designer paper it s a 12X12 piece of paper, great for scrap booking, great for card making and I have my cutter here, I have the scoring blade on it. Whenever you are doing something that s 12 inches, you can t have both blades on that, so you have to take that s scoring blade off and just slide that all the way back to the bottom and that s going to cut your paper. Then the next is to going over to four and three quarters and if you have all this out and your minds love keep on cutting because this is out already and this is for the next gift, take this.

    Now, I think that the person you are giving this to wants this back, so you are going to just put that on it, you don t want to tape this on at all, because you want that to be something that they can maybe just use or keep and then you are going to slide the paper right through, put that brochure -- the lyrics book whatever, you liked to cover back and close the case, and then there is the fun case, isn t that easy, wasn t that pretty fast? Might have not we been two seconds, but it was pretty fast. Next you can take your ribbon to make your wrapping complete, if you want to know quickly how to measure, just take your gift down and if you just want to do a simple bow, at the top if you want to do a criss-cross then you are going to need a lot more and so go ahead and make sure that you have got even amount on both sides and then when you do that criss-cross ribbon, you want to start with the ribbon coming down from the top and turning that around and just wrapping it.

    So, how easy is that that is just such a quick way to wrap a CD. They still don t know what they are going to get and until they open, it s really exciting. Definitely put a little gift tag or a note on here. If you want to you can take it Avery label or sticker and just stick it right on the plastic. So, every time they reach for that CD they remember that you are the one that give it to them and try to take off those things that are stuck with it. Constant reminder and with anything when you are finished you want to give it a nice cut there is some extra ribbon you can save bigger pieces for the other projects and that is one way on how you can wrap a CD gift for your friend or for someone you love or for your children.

    Here is another idea from my friend Chris, she had a trip to the Shenandoah and so she used a CD tin, she burnt pictures on it and here we are taking the 12, a tape and you just roll that right off and when you open up the tin, there is the disk fits right inside. You could use this space if you want to put a photograph of it which I think could be wonderful, you can put a little journal or may be a descriptive of about we went to the Shenandoah valley and this is where we stayed, and this is what we saw, and this is what we did, just as a little memory, but what a great way of sharing your pictures with people in your family, friends and string it for yourself. My friend Shannon did this, this is so popular for a Christmas music her husband John and Shannon, they have spent some time burning some CDs and so she went a ahead and she put it into little pocket, looks like an envelope but she measured it and she folded some card stock over and then its has music for the season. I thought that that was a really clever of them and I wanted to share this with you because I think this is a classic gift idea because who doesn t love music and who doesn t want to hear it especially during the holiday s season. But any time you can just burn some disk of favorite songs and give that to your college kids and friend s family and these are just some different ways on how you can wrap your CDs.