Gift Wrap with a White Paper Bag

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wrapping expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to gift wrap with a white paper bag.

    Christina Crawford

    With over 12 years of stamping and craft experience, I've learned that one thing is for certain...there is always something new to create and share. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I've been recognized as one of the top demonstrators of the year each of my 11 years with the company. This is attributed to my wonderful customers and exciting and talented stamping team. I also give thanks to the stamping industry's fresh art designs and products. Stamping is great for those with little time (you can create something beautiful in minutes!), for those with tight budgets (making cards saves money over buying cards), and for those of all ages. I've enjoyed demonstrating many stamping techniques to thousands of people in workshops, stamp camps, and at several conventions. It is always my desire to show something fun and new. I love to tell new stampers that I am a former tax accountant. Everyone has a level of creativity, some more than others. With stamps, anyone can create gorgeous and simple projects! I am a great model of "if I can do this, so can you." Enjoy and Have Fun!

    Christina Crawford: I am Christina Crawford, I love stamping. I am a Stampin Up! Demonstrator. One of my favorite things about stamping is making gifts bags. I love to give presents; I love to make them all foo foo and beautiful. Let me show you how you can use some bags that you might have you may have lying around in your house or hanging some places, jazz them up ,make them your creations and make pretty good for wrapping gifts in.

    So, here we go just basically a white craft bag. Sometimes we go to a little boutique and you come home with your ordering here and of course you want to save it, because you can personalize this. A basic bag and what I am going to do is match a card, I love pink and black together that is really fine.

    I am taking a really pretty, it is like a burrow stamp, I am stamping it up on a black ink pot and when you stamp that down on paper, you really want to give it a good push and don't be sad if there is a little bit of bumps in it, because that paper bag has a lot of bumps and creases.

    I love to stamp these; I think it is so much fun, but you do have to stand up just to get a nice even pressure. It's a little bit harder to do if you are standing down and you could same using stamps to decorate this bag and you could see that I am just moving that around a little bit. You can see I am also stamping on my black table cloth. You will need to do something, put some newspaper -- some scrap paper underneath it.

    I am going to do both sides and again you want to really get a good push down on that stamp, even pressure, hey it's stress release, if you have stressed out stamps, you may release lot of that. Make sure your inked every time, if you took this and you wanted to go ahead and stamp it one time and when it comes out it is pretty, you might have a little bit of a grey look to it.

    That the looks you want to find, but if it is not then you really want to give back that some good pressure. This is a little check I would like to share. When you have a bag, open that up, so that the inside is showing because when you open this up and give it, put the present inside, you want something in here.

    Now do not worry about stamping the whole pieces, it's definitely going to be a harder spot, but there is a nice, flat spot here and I am going to stamp right on that. When I am finished with this and I am holding it up, you are going to say that is why she did it because it is nice and even all the way around. Again there is a nice flat piece right there, I stamp right on it.

    Next, I am going to add some of that pink. This is a nice hot pink, it is pink passion. Take a look and if you made a little fun print, if you stamp something a little off or it did not come out as good, that's why you are going to put your little pink flower. Put that over, do it again as many as you want, don't forget the insides, again fill that in.

    Now, what I am using is just a regular dye based inkpad. It dries really fast, so I do not have to be worrying about bending it over and then the ink smears on itself. It is already dry, almost immediately which is really a nice thing. If we use a pigment ink, be careful because that is going to smudge everywhere and that is what you have in your house and you really want to make this, just give it a little bit of time or take your hair drier out and dry that ink before you open it up.

    Let me open that up and show you what I have done and you can see that it goes all the way around the side and it does not have a lot of empty white space. It goes around the whole bag. Find the side that you like and that is going to be the front of the bag. What I have done is I have made a matching card with the same stamp set and I am going to take a velum envelop and look like that.

    You could tape it, if you do not like to look it and usually I hate looking because it does not taste good, they should have flavors. I am going to take off a little bit more. What I am doing that taking off about on about a half inch of the end; I am taking a circle punch. I am going to punch in a little bit more than a half and next I am going to take my double sticky tape, I am going to be very generous with this and then I would say I like this side better, this is going to be the front.

    So, open that up and close that up again. Pitch your end a little bit there. This is where your card is going to go your greetings. It is just a fun way of giving a gift with a card and bring about -- are they ever going to find that card in that gift pack. Well the card is on the outside, they will have no problem finding the card and just give me a second here, put that in and you can see that you have got the card peeking out.

    Now, if you use some tissue paper and all you need to do is the end. Some people say you must have a lot of time that you are going to stamp all that tissue paper. You really do not need all of the tissue paper, just the ends when you put that into the bag, just the ends pop out. Put your gift right inside.

    This is how you can take that weight bag and just jazz it up it in stamps; put some pretty tissue paper inside and your gift card. So, here are some ideas that I have given you for wrapping gifts. Stay tuned because I have some more ideas on how you can make some great gifts using cellophane bags.