Giraffe Ranch – An Amazing Safari Experience

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Lauren Tjaden discovers the Giraffe Ranch near Tampa, Florida where Giraffes and the likes roam the rolling country side.

    Lauren Tjaden: The giraffe ranch is just so unbelievably cool, I mean, not only did I get to ride a camel which is just utterly unique, the level of interaction you have these animals is beyond.

    Barbara Short: I was in Zambia just about a year and a half ago and part of my trip there was seeing elephants and zebras and giraffe in the wild, but never this close.

    Lauren Tjaden: Oh! Its licking me, thats all. Oh! I am all nosed. My grape is gone.

    Charles Salisbury: It kind of starts when you are young and it sort of a calling, you know. When I was 12 years old the falcon landed on my hand and from that day forward I knew I wanted to work with animals for the rest of my life.

    Lauren Tjaden: Today I did a lot of things that Ive never done before, you have got to come here, this is like no place else anywhere.