Girl Code’s Carly Aquilino Has the Most Hilarious First-Date Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Carly Aquilino dishes out advice and laughs on the third season of Girl Code, which airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV. She recently swung by our New York studio to share her wisdom and the ins and outs of first dates, even though she’s no longer suffering through awkward encounters, thanks to a new romance with SNL funny guy Pete Davidson.

    Allie Merriam: We are here with the very funny Carly Aquilino who is practicing advice and hilarity on MTV's Girl Code.

    [Video Clip]Allie Merriam: You have a new look, your trademark red hair is gone.

    Carly Aquilino: I know. I just have that color for ever since I was in high school, so I was like it's time for a change.

    Allie Merriam: So a new look a new season of Girl Code this is going to be the third season what's new about this one?

    Carly Aquilino: We focused more on sketches and there is really good topics as well, we are doing one topic per episode, it's just going to be a great season, it's been my favorite so far it's a film.

    Allie Merriam: So speaking of topics, we have a topic for you today, which is the dos and don'ts of first date. So I have some scenarios, the first one is, should a gate Google her date before the first date?

    Carly Aquilino: Yes. 100% Google.

    Allie Merriam: Alright what about paying, should you go offer to pay and what you do if you both broke?

    Carly Aquilino: I still think the guy should pay, like I think you do that move or you did the move like oh yeah, yeah totally I definitely can get this, even if your bag is not there, you still go there, like hold down one second, you just like pretend you are going through something even if you don't have a bag.

    Allie Merriam: So this will make you a little obvious if you bring up and X do or don't?

    Carly Aquilino: If you hate your X don't tell him that and don't like my X was crazy and I hit him so much just be like, yeah it didn't work out and I am fine.

    Allie Merriam: Okay. So how much is too much to drink on your first date?

    Carly Aquilino: Depends on how much you can handle, I have a really low tolerance, so I have like one or two drinks and than that will be it, because if I have more than that I will just start slurring and you were in the hard way with things like that unfortunately.

    Allie Merriam: Great advice, but for you, you aren't going out for dates right now, because you have a boyfriend you should always update on Instagram, and that would be on. Carly Aquilino: We have two completely opposite schedules right now, so I am on the road he is in New York, but he is working all these different hours, but it's good it will be fun.

    Allie Merriam: It sounds awesome, a lots of good things happing for you both. Thank so much for being here.

    Carly Aquilino: Thank for having me.

    Allie Merriam: And check out Girl Code, it airs Wednesday at 11 p.

    m. on MTV.