Give the Classic Martini a Modern Twist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    When mixologist Jim Meehan is behind the bar, you just know that something delicious this way comes. One sip of his latest creation, The Third Martini, will reinvigorate your love of classic cocktails. So sit back, turn on an episode of Mad Men, and sip your way to the bottom of the glass.

    From Jim Meehan

    The Third Martini

    2 ounces gin, such as Barbers Gin
    1 ounce dry vermouth, such as Channing Daughters VerVino #1
    Lemon twist


    Add the gin and vermouth to a cocktail shaker or mixing glass filled with crushed ice; stir to chill. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


    Yield: 1 cocktail

    Brandi Milloy: Hey, we are here with Jim Meehan; owner of PDT and Mixologist for all of the American Express Interior Lounges and today he is debuting his latest cocktail. What are we making today? Jim Meehan: I am going to make a classic martini but I am going to make something that's very special and that's very local which is what we are going to put on the menu this summer avalanche. Brandi Milloy: And this is the martini number-3. Jim Meehan: I am calling it the third martini, it's kind of a play on the notion of the three martini launch; and it's really just going to be the first martini. Brandi Milloy: And so tell us how we make this cocktail; what do we need?

    Jim Meehan: It's a super simple, two-one martini. So it's actually what we call red martini because it has a lot of vermouth in it. It's going to be one ounce of Channing Daughters Ver-Vino. Second ingredient, I am a gin martini guy, so this is going to be a sort of martini after my heart, it's a gin and Ver-Vino martini. This is Barber's gin, this is Dan Barber's new gin just came out, super delicious and actually like more of a classic one and dry style. Brandi Milloy: All right so we are going to stir this. Jim Meehan: We are going to stir it, unlike James Bond, I believe a stirred martini not a shaken martini. So put a bunch of ice in there. I have already chilled my glass and I have my lemon twist ready. Obviously, you could have this with an olive or lemon twist whatever you prefer, I prefer lemon twist. So I am going to give it a kind of a quick and gentle stir. Brandi Milloy: Who is this cocktail for, who would order this or who would you recommend this cocktail to?

    Jim Meehan: All martini drinkers will order it and I think mocha lovers will order this, so that's where you go. Brandi Milloy: So strain in to a coupe glass. Jim Meehan: Strain in to a chilled coupe, get a little bit of room 1:36 and let me put lemon twist on and that's it. Brandi Milloy: Oh my God! I can't wait to try this. Jim Meehan: I think, I am going to jump in right out to this. Brandi Milloy: Please do. Wow! The vermouth is spectacular. Jim Meehan: It's super powerful. Brandi Milloy: You can really tell the difference, it's great herby, fragrant. Jim Meehan: Super herby. Brandi Milloy: Wow! This is delicious; last question. What's next for cocktails, do you see new tends that are coming out? Jim Meehan: For me, I have been making cocktails like this for a very long time so they are not trendy to me but there are still so many people who have never had a martini like that or have never had a hand shaken Daiquiri or never experienced cocktails with fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients are still something that's new to a lot of my guests. So I feel like until we kind of have brought everyone along, I want to sort of slow down and bring as many people in to this sort of cocktail trend. Brandi Milloy: You are fantastic such a pro, I think I am just going to finish drinking a glass of this. Jim, thanks so much for having us. Jim Meehan: Cheers. Thank you.