Glazed Baby Back Ribs with Garlic and Rosemary

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Todd Gray demonstrates how to prepare a wonderful dish of glaze baby back ribs with garlic and rosemary.

    Todd Gray: Hi! I am Chef Todd Gray and today I am showing you how to prepare a wonderful dish of glaze baby back ribs with garlic and rosemary. I have got a set of baby back ribs, I have got it from Harris Teeter. Open the bag, we can see there is wonderful marvelization on both sides of the ribs, always a good indication of a good quality rack of ribs, nothing pungent, nice and fresh.

    Let's take the ribs, what I am going to do is I am going to split them to make them a little more friendly for a pot, make it easy to work with while roasting them. So I have got essentially two small sets of ribs now. We will take this improved roasting pot, move the lid. What I will do is I will put my ribs into the pot, stand them up, sort of, leaning on each other. Then take my minced garlic, about 2 tablespoons. Since I use about three cloves of garlic that I previously minced and make sure that I get this between the ribs being, sort of, distributed evenly.

    Now I am going to add about 4-6 ounces of white wine, sprinkle it over the ribs. It's going to give a nice acidic finish to our product. I have got my fresh rosemary. I am going to add about three nice sprigs of rosemary around the pork. Then my barbecue sauce, my Harris Teeter barbecue sauce. This is a Memphis style barbecue sauce, nice and smoky, a little bit acidic. I will pour that around the border, get a little bit on top of the ribs, if we like. Then finally, our salt and pepper, two of all the most important things in a kitchen. Spray about 6-8 fresh churns of black pepper. Let's get a good seasoning of salt, get it on the top, get it in between the ribs. There we have it.

    Five ingredients, very straight forward, wonderful combination of flavors. We have got the great herbs of the rosemary and garlic and white wine, mixing with that great Memphis barbecue sauce. Let's place the lid on it, put it into our previously heated 325 degree oven, it's good to go. Let's take the top off of our pot here. Look at these great ribs after 2 hours, beautiful. You can see the caramelization on the top, our sauce has been reduced to a nice glaze, it just looks fantastic. We would use a nice platter up here, kind of, family style. Take our ribs out, we will cut these into more workable size portion here. Cut them every two bones or so, they look great.

    Then for a nice presentation, we can just take them, put them on our platter. So we are laying them, sort of, sit naturally, kind of, serve this at the table family style. Let people help themselves. Put this one small piece here and I will also put a little bit of our roasted rosemary on there. So I have got that great herb finish to the dish. Well finally, I thought may be a little bit more of the Memphis barbecue sauce, what better has to serve with it? Put that on the side, there we got it. What better with friends and a plate of glazed baby back ribs? Enjoy.