Glazing a Bundt Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bundt pan expert Jenny Dalquist demonstrates how to glaze a Bundt Cake.

    Jenny Dalquist: Hi! I'm Jenny Dalquist from Nordic Ware. Today we're baking and decorating holiday Bundts. We're about to get started with decorating our Sticky toffee pudding wreath cake here. And for decorating we're just going to make a simple glaze on top of the stove with sugar, butter and a little bit of cream and it make it a nice caramel sauce to pour over the top of it. So here I have about a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of butter and we're going to start heating that on the stove on medium. And we're going to add some heavy cream into that about a quarter cup. This takes a while to melt but it's all going to come together and turn into a gooey, wonderful caramel sauce. This type of toffee or caramel glaze is really easy to make and works well with a lot of different flavors of cakes. The one thing you want to be careful that if you haven't worked with sugar a lot on the stove top is that sugar does burn very easily. Another thing you don't notice is that the longer you leave the sugar and some other substance mixed with butter or cream, the longer you leave that on heat the darker golden caramel color it's going to turn. So it sort of depends on your preference for taste and color but you don't want to leave it to the point that it burns. And it's also important to keep stirring it continually. This is going to ensure that it doesn't stick to the bottom or caramelize or crust on the bottom of the pan. Our caramel sauce is almost finished cooking here. But before I pour it on the cake there's one thing I want to do, that's going to ensure even more flavors soaking into the cake. I'm going to take this kitchen fork and I'm going to pork different areas of the cake. Now, you don't want to wreck the design of the cake, you want to pork a few different areas just some very fine holes and what this is going to do is allow the glaze to sink into the cake after we pour it on. So you're going to get some of that rich caramel flavor that soaks down inside the cake. This works with almost any kind of cake and any kind of glaze that you're about to put over the top of it. It looks like our caramel sauce is ready to go here so I'm going to take it off of the heat. You want to let it cool until you don't see bubbles coming anymore because boiling sugar is very-very very hot, hotter than boiling water. I have let this caramel sauce turn a very light golden caramel color because I don't want to overpower the sticky toffee pudding cake flavor. But we're going to just apply this glaze very simply out of the pan. It's easiest if you do it right out of the pan you've just cooked it in on the stove top. We're just going to go back and forth across the cake and this is just going to coat all the different parts of the cake and highlight the shape of the cake.

    If you find that you're not able to cover quite every part of the cake you may want to take a pastry brush and move the glaze around the cake so that it covers every little nook and cranny. You have to work fairly quickly because the sugar will start to harden in the glaze. So now you know how to glaze a Bundt cake. We're going to move on next to drizzling of Bundt cake with a chocolaty drizzle.