Golf – Chip Shot Club Selection

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional golfer Paige Veliz-Gilbert discusses chip shot club selection.

    Hi, I am Paige; we are going to talk about club selection for chipping right now. If I have been said that you chip with every golf club in your bag, well that is true, it is probably not our best option. But fact is there are so many places to practice your short game and if we can not practice with all 14 clubs, we certainly would not want them all as options. I suggest choosing two clubs that you can become more familiar with and develop a field and game plan around the green. My favorite clubs around the grain are the Pitching Wedge and the 8 Iron, you consider a difference in the angle of the club face depending on the carry distance you need for the ball and how much pudding green you have to work with, would determine while you use the Pitching Wedge or the 8 Iron.

    First thing I have to do when assessing which club is to look up the situation that I am in and determine how far do I need to carry the ball before it lands on the green and then once it lands on the green, how much room or how much pudding green surface do I have for the ball to roll. These two questions need to be answered before we pick any club out our golf bag. One of the things I look for is where does the pudding green starts and what is the condition that my ball is in. Sometimes I may need to take a little bit more firm stroke and I may need a different club for that, for example, a lie on short grass verses a lie in longer grass may call for a different club, but neither of those clubs can be determined, neither the situations can be determined, until I know how far I have for the ball to roll once it lands on the green, next we got to talk about the chip shot with the 8 Iron.